Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2022 [January Update]

By Christopher Grant

June 15, 2021

amazon sales rank chart

Amazon sales rank charts have been a very popular tool over the years.

They have been used as a guide by many to help them make sourcing decisions and set parameters for themselves and even employees when scouting for products to sell on Amazon.

Unfortunately in January of 2018 Amazon removed the ability to easily determine the number of products in a given category.

This, of course, made it all but impossible to build out sales rank charts.

Perhaps one day Amazon will bring the data back.

For now there are two options.

You can download a copy of my monthly updated sales rank chart below or check out the Amazon Sales Rank Chart below if you please.


Drop Your Best Email Below and I Will Send You a Copy of The Amazon Sales Rank Chart

U.S. Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated January 7, 2022)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Art, Crafts, & Sewing56,714113,428340,284567,1411,134,2822,835,70411,342,815
Baby Products15,73431,46794,402157,337314,674786,6853,146,740
Beauty & Personal Care51,390102,780308,339513,8981,027,7952,569,48810,277,950
CD's & Vinyl39,90979,818239,454399,089798,1781,995,4467,981,784
Cell Phones & Accessories88,553177,106531,319885,5311,771,0634,427,65717,710,628
Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry789,6021,579,2044,737,6117,896,01815,792,03739,480,092157,920,368
Everything Else56,823113,646340,937568,2281,136,4552,841,13811,364,552
Grocery & Gourmet Food16,87933,758101,273168,788337,576843,9403,375,759
Handmade Products11,27222,54467,632112,720225,440563,6012,254,402
Health & Household43,62287,244261,733436,222872,4432,181,1098,724,434
Home & Kitchen509,0251,018,0503,054,1495,090,24910,180,49825,451,245101,804,981
Industrial & Scientific67,839135,678407,034678,3891,356,7793,391,94713,567,787
Movies & TV27,38054,761164,282273,803547,6061,369,0145,476,057
Musical Instruments9,13718,27454,82291,370182,741456,8511,827,405
Office Products48,22696,452289,357482,262964,5242,411,3119,645,242
Patio, Lawn, & Garden61,630123,261369,782616,3031,232,6063,081,51612,326,063
Pet Supplies29,57659,152177,456295,759591,5191,478,7975,915,188
Sports & Outdoors154,290308,579925,7381,542,8973,085,7957,714,48630,857,945
Tools & Home Improvement120,695241,391724,1721,206,9532,413,9066,034,76424,139,057
Toys & Games39,64979,298237,893396,489792,9771,982,4437,929,772
Video Games5,14610,29330,87851,463102,926257,3151,029,260

Canada Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated January 7, 2022)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Beauty & Personal Care9,75219,50458,51197,518195,035487,5891,950,354
Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories114,315228,630685,8911,143,1512,286,3025,715,75422,863,017
Everything Else10,63021,26063,780106,301212,601531,5042,126,014
Grocery & Gourmet Food2,4404,88014,64024,40048,801122,001488,005
Health & Personal Care11,82223,64470,931118,218236,435591,0892,364,354
Home & Kitchen100,958201,915605,7461,009,5762,019,1535,047,88220,191,527
Industrial & Scientific5,04110,08230,24650,410100,820252,0501,008,198
Luggage & Bags2411193793371
Movies & TV4,1828,36525,09541,82483,649209,122836,486
Musical Instruments, Stage, & Studio2,1164,23312,69821,16342,327105,817423,266
Office Products6,91913,83741,51269,186138,372345,9301,383,720
Patio, Lawn, & Garden9,34818,69656,08793,479186,958467,3951,869,580
Pet Supplies8,76817,53652,60787,678175,357438,3921,753,568
Shoes & Handbags21411242074151,0374,147
Sports & Outdoors24,33848,675146,026243,376486,7531,216,8824,867,527
Tools & Home Improvement27,62855,256165,767276,278552,5571,381,3925,525,569
Toys & Games9,68019,36058,08196,801193,603484,0071,936,029
Video Games1,8413,68111,04318,40636,81192,028368,110

Mexico Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated January 7, 2022)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Alimentos y Bebidas6701,3414,0236,70413,40933,522134,088
Automotriz y Motocicletas4,6039,20727,62146,03592,070230,174920,697
Deportes y Aire libre8,97717,95453,86389,771179,542448,8561,795,423
Herramientas y Mejoras del Hogar8,35516,71050,13083,550167,099417,7481,670,993
Hogar y Cocina25,07350,147150,440250,733501,4671,253,6675,014,668
Industria, Empresas y Ciencia1,2042,4087,22412,04024,07960,198240,790
Instrumentos Musicales9961,9935,9789,96319,92649,815199,259
Juguetes y Juegos5,90111,80235,40659,010118,020295,0511,180,202
Oficina y Papelería2,8485,69617,08828,48056,959142,399569,594
Productos Handmade2294581,3732,2894,57811,44445,776
Productos para Animales2,4594,91814,75324,58849,175122,939491,754
Ropa, Zapatos y Accesorios50,745101,491304,472507,4531,014,9062,537,26510,149,058
Salud y Cuidado Personal2,8995,79817,39328,98857,977144,942579,768

U.K. Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated January 7, 2022)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Baby Products9,62119,24157,72496,206192,412481,0301,924,120
Business, Industry, & Science10,04420,08960,267100,445200,889502,2232,008,891
CD's & Vinyl23,66647,332141,995236,658473,3161,183,2904,733,158
Computers & Accessories20,36840,736122,209203,681407,3621,018,4064,073,624
DIY & Tools51,464102,928308,783514,6391,029,2782,573,19610,292,782
DVD & Blu-ray6,96013,92041,76169,602139,204348,0111,392,042
Electronics & Photo43,22086,439259,317432,195864,3902,160,9768,643,904
Everything Else15,36930,73992,216153,693307,386768,4653,073,860
Garden & Outdoors19,84039,680119,040198,401396,801992,0043,968,014
Handmade Products1,5443,0889,26515,44230,88577,211308,845
Health & Personal Care14,93929,87989,636149,394298,788746,9702,987,880
Home & Garden15,22930,45791,372152,287304,575761,4373,045,747
Home & Kitchen129,643259,286777,8571,296,4282,592,8576,482,14225,928,566
Large Appliances2,5805,16015,47925,79951,598128,995515,979
Musical Instruments & DJ5,34410,68832,06553,442106,885267,2121,068,846
PC & Video Games2,9105,82017,46029,10058,199145,499581,994
Pet Supplies14,58729,17587,524145,873291,746729,3642,917,456
Shoes & Bags60,740121,480364,440607,4001,214,8013,037,00212,148,008
Sports & Outdoors40,74081,480244,439407,399814,7982,036,9958,147,978
Stationery & Office Supplies19,68439,367118,101196,836393,671984,1783,936,711
Toys & Games4,5469,09127,27345,45590,910227,276909,103

Drop Your Best Email Below and I Will Send You a Copy of The Amazon Sales Rank Chart

Amazon Sales Rank Charts Reborn

 I have seen countless people, new sellers and the OG's among us ask if these rank charts were coming back.

I, and many others, figured that would not be the case.  There was no workaround anyone could find.

Plus, this would give people the opportunity to rely more heavily on Keepa and CamelCamelCamel (CCC) to make their sourcing decisions.

This would likely be a good thing.  The data Keepa and CCC share is instrumental in understanding the history of a product and the likelihood of that product continuing to be something that sells or holds its price.

However, many continued to ask for a sales rank chart.

So, I went to see if there was anything that could be done.

Sure enough, there is some data that can be used to build an Amazon Sales Rank Chart.

You have to dig for it a bit and it is likely not as accurate as it was when the data came directly from Amazon but it gives an excellent idea of how many products are in each category on Amazon.

How The Chart Was Made

Because I like to be transparent with my readers I am going to share how this is made.

Keepa allows us to see how many products it tracks on Amazon.

If you dig a bit deeper you can find how many products it tracks by each category and if you chose to you could even find the data on each subcategory.

The problem with this data is that it's not in an easy to read format.

They also have not made it into a nice little table that breaks down the BSR as a percentage of each category.

So, I created a table, input some math equations in each cell and had the table figure out the top half percent, 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%, and 25% in each major category.

I did leave out some categories like movies and CD's.  But all of the major categories are included.

What Else You Should Know

This Amazon sales rank chart should NOT be your bible when it comes to determining what you should and should not sell on Amazon.

You really need to learn how to utilize Keepa (the gold standard IMHO) and CamelCamel Camel.

You should take a moment to watch this Keepa tutorial by Stephen Smotherman.

When you have finished that, it's short, and you feel like you are ready for more I think you should watch Stephen's more advanced Keepa tutorial as well.

Once you have finished those it is time to install the Keepa Extension.

This will allow you to have charts right on the Amazon page, set price alerts, look who has the buy box historically, what the price is, and so much more.

It really is the best FREE resource available for anyone who sells on Amazon.

Click the button below to install the extension

We could go on about using Keepa and really dive deep into all of its features but I will save that for another post or maybe even a series of Youtube videos.

If you have any questions about Keepa or even have some suggestions on how best to use it or the Amazon sales rank chart please post a comment below.

Would love to hear what you have to say!

Note:  Keepa recently stopped supporting the Australian marketplace.

This has made it so that we can no longer offer the accurate numbers for Australia.

If you believe we should add any other marketplaces please shoot me an email or drop a comment below.

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  1. There is a mistake i assume in UK sales chart. the category DIY & tools and Electronics & Photo are having same numbers.

    1. You can use sales estimators like the one built into Tactical Arbitrage or the free one by Jungle Scout but you have to know that these are estimations and the only way to know with 100% accuracy is by selling the products yourself.

    2. You can use a sales estimator like the one built into Tactical Arbitrage or Jungle Scout but remember that those are estimates using algorithms and are never going to be 100% accurate. The only way to know for sure is to actually be selling the item.

  2. Can I get a copy of the most recent sales rank chart. I am just starting out. Are used to sell on eBay and Amazon a little bit here and there but I’m really wanting to work on it nowadays

  3. Hello,

    The data shows as updated through 06/15/21. What is the time period for the data? YTD, Rolling 12 months etc.?

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