Amazon FBA Blog Roundup – 6 FBA Blogs You’ll Love


A new Amazon FBA blog seems to pop up almost daily.

The problem is, most of them suck.IMG 0571Not on purpose, I'm sure, but that doesn't stop the people from posting bad content.So, today I want to share my favorite Amazon FBA blogs. I will also include links to their best articles.

Amazon FBA Blogs I Read

Screen Shot 2017 03 11 at 4.20.07 PMFirst up is my favorite, Hard to spell but lots of great content.Nate McCallister is smart, quick with a Dad joke, and really passionate about helping people make money online.  Be that on Amazon or with online marketing.  This is definitely a blog you should bookmark.He is also a good friend of mine. Don't worry, if he ever writes trash, I'll tell him.Read his entire blog here:  Entreresource.comCheck out his best articles here:

 Screen Shot 2017 03 11 at 4.24.37 PMNext up is the fellas over at is a diverse group of guys who are smart, great Amazon sellers, and do a fantastic job of sharing what is working and what isn't.Plus, in my opinion, John (one of the contributors) is an excellent writer and proof that you don't have to be as pretty as me to be good at putting words together.Read their entire blog here:  FBAMaster.comCheck out their best articles here:

 Screen Shot 2017 03 11 at 4.32.40 PMStephen Smotherman and his wife Rebecca are a husband and wife duo who blog and write killer guides for Amazon sellers.Their post about understanding Keepa graphs is especially powerful. It is a must read for any seller who isn’t comfortable reading the data.Read their entire blog here:  FullTimeFBA.comCheck out their best articles here:

 Screen Shot 2017 03 11 at 5.30.32 PMOk, don’t shoot me but this site isn’t a traditional Amazon FBA blog.  Stephen Peterson runs the incredibly successful podcast eCommerce Momentum.I include his site because the information in the podcasts is really awesome.Stephen has a way to really bring a sellers story out and at the same time make sure the audience is able to take away some valuable, actionable tips.Listen to his episodes here:  eCommereceMomentum.comIf you would like a really special episode you can check this one out.  Hint:  It’s me! Screen Shot 2017 03 12 at 10.19.24 PMI know.  This, technically, isn’t a blog either.This is my post, so I will do what I want!  :)The Fulfillment By Amazon subreddit is chock full of great information.  I could spend hours in here reading, gathering insights, and sharing opinions.It isn’t always a happy place to go.  When people are able to be ANON you usually get some trolls and/or people who just like to piss and moan.  However, you will find some gems of information mixed throughout the forum.Read the SubReddit here:  Fulfillment By AmazonScreen Shot 2017 03 12 at 10.24.32 PMLast, but certainly not least is Dan & Eric over at The Wholesale Formula.These guys have an incredible story and they are kicking ass and taking names on Amazon.giphyI particularly found a lot of useful information in their post revealing their product selection formula.  It is actionable advice from guys who have grown a business from the ground up and done all the hard work.Read their entire blog here:  The Wholesale FormulaCheck out their best articles here:

Now it is your turn.I know there have to be some other great blogs out there.  It would be impossible for me to read all of them.Share the love and post a link to your favorite Amazon FBA blog in the comments.  Heck, post a link to your own blog!

Never Miss an Amazon Refund Opportunity with Zapier

Having Amazon reimburse us Amazon sellers seems to be a point of pride in the community.  Rightfully so, in my opinion.

When Amazon allows a customer to return an item against their own terms it may irritate us.  However, this is a good opportunity to ensure we get paid anyway.  It’s not difficult to do and there have been plenty of blog posts and even step by step walkthroughs on how to submit a reimbursement claim.

Never Miss an Amazon Email

Today I want to show you a hack to be sure you never miss an email from Amazon.

If you are like me and try to practice an inbox zero strategy this may not be for you.  That’s OK.

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The 1 Thing to Ensure Your E-Commerce Business Flourishes in 2017

50679 BlogPostHeader 122716

The E-Commerce business is in its teenage years, I believe.  I touched on that in another article.

To me, this means that selling our wares on the internet is now a bit like parenting a teenager. I'm an expert in this area because I was a teenager.

We have to deal with the hormone flare ups (brand-gating, category restrictions, etc), acne (accidental suspensions and account throttling), and getting hair in new and weird places (sellers worried about what is next, uncertainty, and my favorite fear mongering).

In my opinion, we have a few choices. Let this be the worst of times (like my parents said my teenage years were), quit, or get comfortable being uncomfortable.

This last option is my choice, and honestly, as entrepreneurs, it should be our only option. We are supposed to thrive, innovate, and prosper when we are outside our comfort zone.

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How I Made $41,746.35 Outside of Amazon in 2016

How I made $41,746

This post is going to be outside the niche that I normally write in.  But, I think that it can be beneficial to you.  So, let’s go.

I would like to tell you a story about how I made at least (this figure does not include any affiliate commissions) $41,746.35 outside of the Amazon platform in 2016 without giving up my Amazon business.  As a matter of fact, my Amazon business was larger than in 2015.

I decided early in 2016 that I wanted to diversify my income.  I have always enjoyed writing and I have always had an interest in marketing as I have been in sales my entire life.

I sought out a mentor and found Nate McCallister of FBA Today and  Nate made a request in another facebook group asking for some blurring software to use while making screen share videos.  I took it as a dare and figured out how to make it a reality.

That was my first foray into software products,  It was called EasyBlur and is now defunct.

AB0D0414 2C43 4E86 BD97 8B1368B73D7B 2 Continue reading “How I Made $41,746.35 Outside of Amazon in 2016”