2d Workflow Review – Can This Prep Software Help Scale Your FBA Business?

By Christopher Grant

April 12, 2024

If you've ever wanted a secret weapon to help you scale your FBA business, 2d Workflow might be just the thing you've been looking for.

I know that sounds a little hyped up, but it's for good reason. 2d Workflow is an amazing shipping and prep tool that will help you streamline your FBA business in a number of areas.

  • Save time and money
  • Manage your staff more effectively
  • Prep and ship FBA units faster than ever before
  • Remove human errors and inefficiency
  • Get your products checked in to Amazon's warehouses faster

You might be wondering how a simple 2d barcode can perform such miracles?

You're about to find out exactly how a 2d barcode works and how 2d Workflow can make the magic happen for your Amazon business.

What is a 2d Barcode?

It is essentially a way to communicate information to amazon without doing the manual data entry work. A 2d barcode can store all of your shipment and box content information.

Regular barcodes can't store as much information as a 2d barcode.

You can embed the following information into a 2d barcode:

  • FBA shipment information
  • Box content information
  • Product expiration dates
  • Number of units in box

This means Amazon can get all the information they need with a simple scan of your 2d barcode, saving you the hassle of having to enter all of this information manually through Seller Central.

Amazon themselves even recommend the use of 2d barcodes, especially for high volume sellers, but they don't create the 2d barcodes for you.

Up until now, the use of 2d barcodes was generally reserved for large sellers who had the resources to create their own 2d barcode software. That's what the creator of 2d Workflow did, he created this software for his own Amazon FBA business.

Larry from 2d Workflow

Larry Lubarsky, creator of 2d Workflow

Thankfully the creator of 2d Workflow, Larry Lubarsky of Watch Me Amazon, has made the software available to all of us.

How Does 2d Workflow Work?

2d Workflow Dashboard

View of the 2d Workflow Software Dashboard

2d Workflow is an intuitive shipping and prep software with one main goal - to help you get your products into the Amazon FBA warehouse as fast as humanly possible.

With 2d Workflow you can actually do away with entering data into Seller Central, and you also don't need to worry about the send to Amazon workflow. Everything is done inside of 2d Workflow.

Let's go through a 2d Workflow tutorial so you can see how easy this software is to use.

Prepping a Small Parcel (SPD) Shipment with 2d Workflow

Let's walk through the process for prepping and packing a small parcel shipment with 2d Workflow so you can see how simple the process is.

Step 1 - Create a new shipment

Create a shipment in 2d Workflow

Once you've created your new shipment, you will need to choose SPD and select partnered shipping (or leave it unchecked for non-parterned shipping).

Step 2 - Find your shipment in the Working Shipments tab

2d Workflow Working Shipment

Once you've selected your working shipment, you will be able to see the products in your shipment that you need to start prepping, packing, and shipping. You can select a product from the list, or you can use a barcode scanner to scan your product.

Step 3 - Prep and pack your products

2d Workflow Product Info

Once you've selected a product, click the printer icon. This will bring up a workflow with the following information:

  • Product info, including an image (this helps avoid picking and packing errors)
  • Custom notes you may have already added
  • Number of item units that need to be labeled and shipped
  • Amazon prep guidance that may be required

If your item has an expiration date, you can enter it on this screen.

Now you are ready to click "print item labels" and 2d Workflow will print out your FNSKU labels for these products. We recommend using a thermal shipping label printer for Amazon labels.

Once youve printed your item labels, hit next.

Step 4 - Prep your boxes

Now it's time to prep your Amazon FBA boxes. You will need to enter how many boxes you have, along with the dimensions and weights of hte boxes.

Now you can press the "print box labels" button to get your custom 2d barcodes.

Because you've already packed your boxes in the previous step, now all you need to do is label each box.

Step 5 - Buy shipping and complete your shipment

Once you have completed all of your boxes, it's time to buy your shipping and get your shipment out the door.

2d Workflow Buy Shipping

Simply hit the "Buy Shipping and Complete Shipment" button to get your shipping price and carrier labels. If you are happy with the details and shipping price, you just need to accept and your carrier labels will be generated and ready to print.

Place your carrier labels on your boxes and now your Amazon FBA shipment is ready to go.

2d Workflow Pricing

The pricing for 2d Workflow software is as simple as it gets, it costs $97 per month. Their subscription plan has no limits on the amount of FBA shipments and units you can process through the software. 

2d Workflow Pricing

At the time of writing you can also get a 14-day free trial.

If you run multiple Amazon seller accounts, 2d Workflow offers 50% of additional seller accounts.

If you happen to run an Amazon prep center and you wish to use 2d Workflow for your operations, you can discuss this further with the 2d Workflow team.

Benefits of Using 2d Barcodes for Your Amazon FBA Business

We've already covered a lot of the reasons why you should consider using 2d barcodes for your Amazon shipments, but let's recap and lay out all of the benefits.

  • You can totally skip the new send to Amazon workflow in seller central
  • Delegate work to your team members via the 2d Workflow software
  • Amazon will check in your FBA products faster, which means you get your money faster - cashflow is king.
  • You can prep, pack, and label your shipments as you go, rather than waiting to box all your goods at the end of the process. This is a huge time saver.
  • You can create draft shipments and they do not expire. You can even print your item labels directly from your draft shipment inside of 2d Workflow.

  • 2d Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pack multiple products into the same box?

Yes you can. 2d Workflow has a special "Multi SKU Box" feature to help you do this with ease.

What type of shipments can I use 2d Workflow for?

You can use 2d Workflow for all shipment types including small parcel (SPD) individual box shipments and pallet shipments (LTL/FTL). If you use Amazon partnered shipping, you can purchase your shipping directly inside of 2d Workflow.

Do I still need to use seller central for my shipment creation?

If you are using 2d Workflow, you can skip using Seller Central completely. Using 2d Workflow to create your FBA shipments will also be a lot faster than using Seller Central.

Can I use 2d workflow to finish shipments I created with other 3rd party software?

Yes, you can create shipments in other software and then finish them off using 2d Workflow. You will just have to make sure they are not Send to Amazon shipments.

Do I need to be a large Amazon FBA seller to use 2d Workflow?

While using 2d barcodes is usually something reserved for larger sellers who have the resources to create their own 2d barcodes, 2d Workflow makes the use of 2d barcodes available to all seller sizes. My personal opinion is that you should be doing 500-1,000 units per month to justify this software, but if you have the budget for it then you can start it no matter how small your business currently is.


Depending on the current volume you are doing in your Amazon FBA business, I totally understand that implementing a software like 2d Workflow might be a little premature.

But once you are doing 500-1,000 units per month, it makes complete sense to streamline your process and use this software.

Not only is it going to lessen your workload, it is going to free up more time to focus on tasks directly related to revenue generation, like product sourcing.

And once you're at the level where you can employee staff to help with your product prep, 2d Workflow is going to help you delegate and manage their tasks too.

I truly believe that this is a unique software that will help take your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

Thanks again for reading, happy selling!

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