Recommended Amazon Tools & Resources

This page highlights all the tools and resources that I use and feel will benefit you as well. This list will expand as my business expands and I will remove things that either no longer work or no longer perform like they should.

My success is based on your success. If I recommend a product or service, it is because I have used it in my own business.

Amazon Online Courses

Rabbit Trail Challenge

The Rabbit Trail Challenge is a completely FREE challenge by yours truly, walking you through the fundamentals and mechanics of using "rabbit trails" to turn 1 online arbitrage lead into 5 leads.

This free course is broken down into 13 bite-sized and easy to understand video lessons. 

OA Challenge

The OA Challenge is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive online arbitrage training, delivered in a private community setting over 14 days.

Learn all the ins and outs of sourcing, reading Keepa chart data, and master the art and science of Amazon online arbitrage.

Repricer Challenge

Managing your Amazon pricing is a monumental feat, unless you know how to use a repricing tool!

This FREE challenge will help you take your time back and set your repricing on auto-pilot.

The Repricer Challenge is delivered over 6 easy to understand lessons.

Hustle Buddies - Amazon Basics

If you're an Amazon newbie then the Hustle Buddies Amazon Seller Basics course is the ideal solution for you.

Learn the fundamentals to getting start selling on Amazon and take the guess-work out of it once and for all.

Hustle Buddies - Kohl's Flipping Masterclass

Learn how they built a 7-figure business by flipping items from Kohl's on Amazon.

Get an inside look at a highly profitable flipping business and learn how to find the right products, how to stack coupons and how to maximize your profits.

Hustle Buddies - Replens Workshop

Nate and Alyshia from Hustle Buddies show you how to dominate the replen business in over 20 hours of in-depth and informative training videos.

Get pre-written SOP's, hiring guides, software training and much more. If you want to take your Amazon game to the next level, you need to be selling replens!

Hustle Buddies - Grocery Deep Dive

The Grocery Deep Dive webinar shows you everything you need to know about selling in the highly lucrative Grocery category on Amazon.

Whether you're selling $100 a month of $100k a month, this Grocery webinar is ideal for you.

Hustle Buddies - Bundles Courses

Get all of Hustle Buddies' amazing courses in one bundle!

Includes Amazon Basics, Kohl's Flipping Masterclass, The Replen Workshop, and Grocery Deep Dive.

Sourcing Apps

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is a tool that will help you swiftly and efficiently find things online to purchase for resale.  Sites and features are always being added.

I have a Tactical Arbitrage discount code available if you use code CLEARTHESHELF for a 10 day FREE Trial.

Tactical Edge Lite & Full

Storefront Stalker Pro has a new name and a lot more power!  

Tactical Edge Lite can now pull ASINs from larger storefronts, it can go deeper into categories, search pages, and more to help you gather the Amazon data you need to source better, more profitable inventory.

Tactical Bucket

Tactical Bucket is a software that goes together with Tactical Arbitrage like peas and carrots.  It has a ton of features including xPath's (adding sites to Tactical Arbitrage), multi-domain bulk lists, store search buddy, top 500K ASINs and a bunch more.

It's an excellent resource to use if you're looking to bolt on a turbocharger to your Tactical Arbitrage account.


RevSeller is an epic Amazon seller multi-tool that helps FBA sellers make better sourcing decisions. 

This intelligent Google chrome extension is fantastic for online arbitrage, wholesale sourcing and retail arbitrage.

Secure a discount plus a free 30-day trial, exclusively for CTS readers with code PRO20.


SellerAmp is a powerful revenue calculator, storefront stalker, and sourcing tool all in one. This 3-in-1 tool has not only a mobile app, but a Google Chrome extension and a web app.

Take your product research to new heights with absolute ease with SellerAmp.

IP Alert

Join 30,000+ other sellers using IP Alert to protect themselves from IP complaints on Amazon.

Don't risk buying a heap of inventory only to discover that you can't even sell the product due to IP complaints from brand owners. 

Amazon Services

Seller Candy

Need seller central help? Got issues with your Amazon account health? Or perhaps you need an expert to walk you through setting up FBA?

Whatever the issue, Seller Candy is your one-stop shop when it comes to Amazon seller services. 

Lead Management


If you're an online arbitrage seller, are you still trying to keep track of your leads with Google Sheets and Airtable?

If so, Cheddarsoft is about to change your world. The ultimate lead management tool for OA sellers, Cheddarsoft is not only a time saver but a life changer.

Repricer Tools

I also recommend that you read my full take on all the best repricer tools for Amazon if you get a chance!

Aura Repricer

Save time by automating your repricing while also increasing your time in the buy box and your sales.

Get started using Aura's machine learning and industry best repricing speed for your Amazon account in as little as 10 minutes with their 14 day trial by using code CTS.

Profit Protector Pro Repricer

Profit Protector Pro is popular repricing tool to help boost your profits and speed up your sales.

Complete with 12 advanced algorithmic repricing strategies built in, give Profit Protector Pro a try today.

Scanner Apps

Scoutify 2 / InventoryLab

Scoutify 2 is the bees knees of Amazon seller scanner apps. It comes "free" as part of an InventoryLab subscription, which is a powerhouse tool that helps Amazon Sellers manage their entire business. 

Check out my in-depth review of Scoutify 2 below or head direct to the InventoryLab website to claim your 30-day free trial.

This page highlights all the tools and resources that I use and feel will benefit you as well. This list will expand as my business expands and I will remove things that either no longer work or no longer perform like they should.

My success is based on your success. If I recommend a product or service, it is because I have used it in my own business. Throughout the blog, I will reference the links here frequently. I recommend that you bookmark this page. Many of the tools may not apply to you yet, but they may later so I recommend revisiting periodically to see if something could help your business.

Many of the links are things I have created or are affiliates of If you choose to purchase through these links, I may earn a commission. This comes at no additional charge to you, the product owner pays the commission. Not every product is the right fit for your business today or may never be the right fit.  Please do your own due diligence and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions.