Tactical Arbitrage - Clearing the shelves can be done in stores and online.  Tactical Arbitrage is a tool that will help you swiftly and efficiently find things online to purchase for resale.  Sites and features are always being added.  Plus the developer is just a good guy.  I have a Tactical Arbitrage discount code available if you use code CLEARTHESHELF for a 10 day FREE Trial.

revROI - This is a Google Chrome Extension I built.  It helps you maximize your sourcing dollars by showing you, in real time, where to buy the best-discounted gift cards and what rebate sites to use to get the most cash back.

StoreFront Stalker Pro - Storefront Stalker PRO is a Google Chrome Extension that enables Amazon sellers to easily export ASINs from anywhere on Amazon.  It's kind of amazing!

Tactical Bucket - Tactical Bucket is a software that goes together with tactical Arbitrage like peas and carrots.  It has a ton of features including xPath's (adding sites to Tactical Arbitrage), multi-domain bulk lists, store search buddy, discounts, ASIN extractors, top 500K ASINs in categories, and a bunch more.  It's an excellent resource to use if you're looking to bolt on a turbocharger to your Tactical Arbitrage account.

Traffic Secrets Review + PDF Notes - If you are into digital marketing at all you've heard of Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels.  The amount of knowledge and expertise that he and his company provide along with tools to help the online marketer is second to none.  It may not even be far fetched to say he's the most prolific marketer of our time.  His newest book in his trilogy of "Secrets" books is about to launch and it will be amazing.  My friend, Nate McCallister, whom I credit with teaching me a lot fo what i know was able to get an advance copy and he diligently went through every page with highlighter in hand to bring you an epic 7,500 word review plus his own notes from reading the book.  This post alone has tons of nuggets for you to take away and implement.  Click the link below and be sure to read the whole thing and download Nate's notes.

This page highlights all the tools and resources that I use and feel will benefit you as well. This list will expand as my business expands and I will remove things that either no longer work or no longer perform like they should.

My success is based on your success. If I recommend a product or service, it is because I have used it in my own business. Throughout the blog, I will reference the links here frequently. I recommend that you bookmark this page. Many of the tools may not apply to you yet, but they may later so I recommend revisiting periodically to see if something could help your business.

Many of the links are things I have created or are affiliates of ClearTheShelf.com. If you choose to purchase through these links, I may earn a commission. This comes at no additional charge to you, the product owner pays the commission. Not every product is the right fit for your business today or may never be the right fit.  Please do your own due diligence and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions.