How to Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon – Guide for Success

By Christopher Grant

September 15, 2023

Getting negative or bad reviews on your Amazon products can feel like a real punch to the guts. It can ruin your day. But ultimately, negative reviews are inevitable.

The good news is that you can takes steps in your Amazon business to avoid or minimize them, and in some circumstances you can even remove negative Amazon reviews.

If you're curious how you can implement a comprehensive customer review strategy in your Amazon business, keep reading.

The Impact of Negative Reviews on Amazon Sales

Think about this for a second: You're shopping online, and you have two similar products in front of you. One has glowing reviews; the other is littered with negative feedback. Which one would you choose? Studies show that it's likely to be the former, obviously.

This underlines how critical managing bad reviews is when selling on Amazon.

Negative Feedback: A Domino Effect?

It's not only about losing potential customers who read these poor ratings or scathing comments, it goes beyond that. Negative feedback creates a ripple effect, impacting an Amazon seller's overall ranking and visibility as well.

  1. A product burdened by low star ratings finds itself sinking lower in search results due to Amazon's algorithm favoring higher-rated items.
  2. Negative reviews have an impact on your account health rating and decrease your store's overall seller feedback score, which impacts Buy Box placements, a crucial driver for conversions on the Amazon marketplace.

Damaging Reputation Beyond Lost Sales

Beyond direct hits like decreased conversion rates and reduced visibility, there lies another hidden danger, long-term damage to your reputation.

An unhappy customer sharing their disappointment online doesn't just affect immediate revenue but also hampers future growth opportunities by eroding trust among prospective buyers considering purchasing from your listing page.

In essence, effectively handling such situations without violating any rules set out by the e-commerce giant becomes paramount for every new or seasoned Amazon seller operating within the guidelines laid down by them.

The Power of Proactive Customer Service

Negative reviews can really bring you down, but they're not necessarily fatal to your Amazon business. The key is proactive customer service - reaching out to unhappy customers and addressing their concerns head-on.

Did you know that about 10% of dissatisfied customers might revise their review after receiving a thoughtful response from the seller? That's right.

A well-crafted message could turn those one-star ratings into four or five stars, improving your overall product review score while adhering to Amazon's guidelines.

Crafting Effective Customer Messages

Your first step towards turning around negative feedback is crafting an effective message for your disgruntled buyer. It's all about empathy and understanding; put yourself in the shoes of this unhappy customer before proposing solutions.

  • Gratitude & Acknowledgement

    Start by expressing gratitude for their feedback, then acknowledge dissatisfaction with genuine regret. Make it clear that resolving any issues related to your product or service isn't just important, it's paramount.
  • Propose a Solution

    Consider offering replacement products, refunds, additional support as needed, whatever fits best according to each individual case.
  • Keep it Simple

    Avoid complex language or jargon when communicating these points; simplicity coupled with professionalism prevents further confusion or frustration.
  • End on a Positive Note

    Reassure them how much you value their patronage, assuring prompt steps will be taken to rectify whatever issue caused initial disappointment.

This strategy doesn't merely mitigate damage, it transforms potentially lost clients into loyal ones who feel heard and valued by the brand.

Remember: every single critical review represents an opportunity, not only for improvement, but also for building stronger relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

It's also important to remember that any buyer-seller messaging should strictly adhere to Amazon's communication guidelines.

How to Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon

It's never a certainty, but there is always the possibility that you can actually have bad reviews removed by Amazon. Some reviews may actually violate Amazon's guidelines for buyers, and these infringing comments could potentially be flagged and removed by simply submitting an appeal to Amazon.

The Most Common Review Removal Triggers

So, let's get into it. What exactly constitutes these violations?

Here are some common triggers:

  • If the customer focuses more on shipping or order issues rather than product quality (which falls under seller feedback), this might warrant removal.
  • A comment solely about pricing or availability isn't really a product review either.

Moving further along:

  • Reviews must stick to languages supported by Amazon - if not, they're liable for deletion.
  • Duplicate text across multiple products also violates rules set out by Amazon sellers' terms and conditions. This includes spam content too.

To ensure compliance with all regulations when seeking feedback removal, do take time to understand Amazon guidelines.

Beyond specific cases like those mentioned above, any form of abuse reported against sellers qualifies as a potential violation. For example:

  1. If customers resort to inappropriate language in their critical review, you have every right according to buyer-seller messaging etiquette provided within Amazon's terms & Conditions Policy to report abuse.
  2. In case false statements are made.
  3. If personal information gets disclosed within their bad review, etc., don't hesitate to contact Amazon immediately - Your rights matter.

Reporting Reviews for Removal

If you're confident that a review breaches Amazon's policies, it's pretty easy to report them for review. Simply go to your product detail page and find the review in question.

Report Amazon Review for Removal

You'll see a "report" link at the bottom of every review. Clicking this will show a pop-up, guiding you through the process of reporting a review to Amazon.

At that point, it's up to Amazon to review the reported review and make a decision.

Using Software to Handle Amazon Reviews

Negative reviews can be a tough challenge for Amazon sellers, which is precisely why some of the Amazon software tools on the market have added review feature.

Let's cover a couple of the most prominent software tools that can help you with your Amazon reviews.

Sellerise Amazon Review Tools

Sellerise Review Software

With Sellerise is quite a detailed Amazon seller tool with many features, some of which are specifically geared towards managing your customer reviews.

  • Review Puncher

    Sellerise's Review Puncher allows you to automatically contact customers who leave negative reviews. You can setup alerts based on specific criteria like star rating or keywords within the review content.

    For example if you want to know about any one-star reviews that mention "broken" or "damaged", you can easily setup an alert.
  • Review Requester

    Sellerise lets you setup rules that trigger an automatic review request, based on your criteria. This is a real time-saver that will help you get even more reviews from your customers.
  • Review Downloader

    The Sellerise review downloader feature is a nifty tool that allows you to download collect all review in one place, making it easy to evaluate and asses your review data.

Helium 10 Seller Assistant

Helium 10 Seller Assistant

You've probably heard of Helium 10 before, but you may not be aware of their Seller Assistant tool which has been built to specifically handle Amazon feedback.

  • Targeted Review Requests

    Helium 10 lets sellers build Amazon review request automations, ensuring that only the right people get requests on auto-pilot.
  • Bulk Review Requests

    Using Helium 10 means no more individual review requests. You can send bulk review requests to customers in one click with Seller Assistant.

3 Tips for Responding to Negative Amazon Reviews

It's important to learn how to handle bad reviews on Amazon, rather than just trying to have them deleted (because they don't always warrant deletion or removal).

By following these tips you really can turn an unhappy customer into one who sings your praises. And it also shows the general public how you conduct your business.

Here's how you can ace this process:

1. Embrace Empathy and Professionalism

Your initial reaction might be defensiveness or frustration - that's normal. But remember: every response is visible not just to the reviewer but also potential buyers browsing through product review sections on Amazon. So what do we need? A thoughtful reply acknowledging their negative experience while offering solutions - all wrapped up in professionalism.

A typical empathetic response would sound something like "We're truly sorry for any inconvenience caused by our product...". This approach conveys understanding and commitment towards rectifying issues faced by customers.

2. Stay Within The Lines Of Amazon's Guidelines

No matter how tempting it may seem, never ask reviewers directly to change or remove their feedback; doing so violates Amazon's rules which could result in penalties against sellers violating such terms of service.

3. Provide Solutions Instead Of Excuses

If there was indeed some error from your side (it happens.), own up without getting defensive then explain clearly about possible remedies whether it involves full refunding processes or sending replacement items as per individual case scenarios.

An example solution-focused reply might look somewhat along lines of "Thank you for bringing this issue up. We apologize sincerely for oversight here..." followed with details regarding resolution plans at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can negative reviews be removed from Amazon?

Yes, sellers can have negative reviews removed if they violate Amazon's buyer-specific terms of service. This requires submitting a ticket to Amazon for review, so ultimately it's up to Amazon to choose whether or not the review needs to be removed.

How do you ask a customer to remove negative reviews on Amazon?

Sellers should reach out respectfully and proactively to dissatisfied customers, offering solutions or refunds. A well-crafted message may encourage them to reconsider their initial review.

How do I deal with negative reviews on Amazon?

Negative comments should be addressed promptly and professionally through proactive customer engagement. Tools like Sellerize or Helium 10 software can help manage such feedback effectively.


Removing negative Amazon reviews is more than just damage control. It's a strategy to elevate your sales and improve customer trust.

The impact of these reviews on your brand reputation can be significant, but proactive customer service can turn the tide in your favor.

Leveraging tools like Sellerize and Helium 10 Chrome extension allows you to manage feedback efficiently and identify violations that could lead to review removal.

Analyzing reviews regularly, responding respectfully, and submitting tickets in batches are all part of an effective review management process.

When done right, this approach not only improves conversion rates but also enhances profitability and organic ranking for products on Amazon.

If you're ready to take charge of your online business performance through strategic handling of negative reviews, consider joining my email list below for weekly seller tips.

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