How Amazon Arbitrage Sellers Are Using revROI to Get Cash Back and Discounts

By Christopher Grant

January 8, 2023

Online Arbitrage sellers are bargain hunters by nature, let’s admit it. Not because we’re “cheap”, but because the better the deal we can get when sourcing, the more money we can make on Amazon.

We’re forever sourcing better deals, scouring every corner of the retail web for hidden gems and some of us even venture into physical stores to load up on discount items to resell on Amazon.

And while I love retail arbitrage too, today is all about how we can use a free chrome extension called revROI to score even better deals when sourcing.

We’ll cover how you can use this free extension and how you can get cash back on sites like Rakuten (formerly Ebates) in addition to stacking other gift card discounts and coupon codes.

What is revROI

I personally created the revROI chrome extension many years ago to help with my own Amazon Online Arbitrage business, but because I knew it would be helpful to the Amazon community I decided to release it to the public too.

The beauty of revROI is that you can browse all your regular online retail sites and simply use the extension to check on cashback, gift card discounts and coupon opportunities for the products you are sourcing.

You don’t need to open separate windows or worry about this extension slowing your computer down. It’s designed to be super light-weight and lightning fast.

It also allows you to get rid of all the the cashback extensions that clog up your browser and take up precious screen real estate.

You'll only need revROI from here on out.

How Does revROI Work

The chrome extension is free to use, and you simply need to install it from the Google chrome store.

Once you’ve installed RevROI, you’ll see the small tachometer logo in your browser extension bar.

Simply go to your favorite online store and click the extension to see all the cashback and gift card discount sites available for that retailer.

Dicks Sporting Goods RevROI Cashback Sites

In this example we have gone to Dick’s Sporting Goods and you can see that the highest cash back percentage is from Rakuten (Ebates), equal to the cashback offer from Top Cashback.

Target Cashback with RevROI Extension

If we go to Target, you can see that Top Cashback are offering a higher cash back amount for Target products.

Nike RevROI Gift Card Discounts

If you click on the Gift Cards tab in the revROI extension, you will see all the sites currently offering discounted gift cards for the retailer, like this example for Nike.

All of the bars on the bar graphs inside the revROI extension are links to that particular cash back or gift card site.

What is Rakuten and How Can I Use it?

Rakuten, formerly called Ebates, is a global cash back and shopping rewards site that has been operating since 1997. Rakuten currently has over 3,500 stores on its site that you can claim discounts with.

Ebates is now Rakuten

Rakuten is free to use, all you need to do is sign up on their site. 

Double Cash Back with Rakuten

If you have specific retailers that you want to shop with, you can always browse directly on Rakuten’s site however with the revROI extension you can quickly see other cash back sites that might have a better offer, and you can check your chances of double stacking your savings.

How Can I Double Stack Savings When Sourcing for Amazon? 

This was one of the main drivers behind the creation of RevROI. The ability to quickly and easily double stack savings when you’re sourcing for your online arbitrage business is literally worth a lot of cash!

Cardcookie Target Gift Voucher Discounts

Target gift card discounts with CardCookie

By claiming both cash back and gift card discounts for the same retailer, you are double stacking your savings and putting money back into your own product.

One benefit of double stacking is you can discount your Amazon listings, if you really need to, without losing money if you have worked out your true cost of goods after cash back and gift card discounts.

Can I use Rakuten to Get Cashback In-Store?

Surprisingly, yes you can. It requires a little more set up work but there are some retailers that allow you to claim cash back when shopping in-store. 

This is obviously great for those of us that still like to get out and do a little retail arbitrage from time to time.

To claim cash back on purchases made in-store the first thing you need to do is make sure that you’ve added your credit card to your Rakuten account.

You need to log in to your Rakuten account, find the store you are going to shop at and go to their offer. Make sure you are looking at the in-store section on Rakuten.

Rakuten In-store offer

Once you have found the store you want to shop at, just click “link offer” and link it to the card that you have in your Rakuten account.

Make sure you use the same card as your payment method in-store and you will get your cash back!

Are There Any Alternatives to Rakuten?

While Rakuten is one of the best, in my opinion, there are a heap of other alternatives you can check out! All of which are scanned in revROI so you can be sure that you’re getting the best cash back amount when using the extension.

Here’s just a few of the Rakuten alternatives that revROI scans for deals:

  • RebatesMe
  • Ibotta
  • Top Cashback
  • Kiindly
  • GoCashback
  • Citi Bonus Cash Center
  • Lemoney
  • Goodshop
  • BeFrugal
  • ShopStyle
RevROI Cash back Sites

Cash back sites in revROI

How Much Does the revROI Extension Cost?

You’ll be glad to hear that currently, RevROI is totally free to install and use. This is just my way of giving back to the community that has supported me for so long.

Speaking of community, if you want to join our VIP community of online arbitrage sellers then you should check out the OA Challenge. 3,000+ students have enrolled over the past couple of years and it has been thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Conclusion - Using revROI for Your Amazon FBA Business

We kinda detoured there and started discussing Rakuten and other cash back and gift card sites, but for good reason.

For some people, especially those new to the whole Amazon arbitrage scene, the concept of cash back sites is completely foreign. Not everyone is a mad coupon collector!

Now that you know how to save even more when sourcing products for your Amazon business with RevROI, I urge you to keep a record of how much you save over the space of months and years by using cash back and gift card discounts. 

You will be surprised just how much you can save!

Thanks again for reading, the comments below are open for discussion and you are most welcome to join my email list to stay in the loop with all things Amazon. 

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