SellerRunning: How to Dropship on Amazon The Right Way

By Christopher Grant

May 3, 2024

Ever wanted to be an "international seller of mystery"? If yes, then you need to know about SellerRunning! 

Austin Powers Amazon

SellerRunning is one of the latest acquisitions by Amazon software platform Three Colts, and it is both unique and incredibly powerful for Amazon sellers.

It's designed to help people dropship from the Amazon USA platform, across international borders to other Amazon marketplaces. The huge plus for this software is that it helps you dropship in an Amazon compliant manner, without risking your account.

Let's groove into this SellerRunning review and tutorial so you can start your global Amazon flipping empire.

What is SellerRunning?

Sellerrunning Dashboard

SellerRunning is an Amazon seller software that allows you to dropship products from the marketplace to 16 other Amazon marketplaces around the world.

This cross-border arbitrage automation tool is the first of its kind, and it is the only Amazon compliant dropshipping tool on the market. 

SellerRunning lets Amazon sellers automate product sourcing, manage inventory, and fulfil orders seamlessly. 

Sellers can filter the product sourcing process and set advanced pricing rules to ensure only products that meet the right criteria are added to their store.

The platform also has detailed IP and Trademark protections for sellers to avoid any nasty IP complaints for products they have listed.

Is Amazon Dropshipping Legal, or Even Allowed?

Firstly, a dropshipping business is completely legal. Amazon, however, has some rules around it. To understand this, you'll first need to understand how dropshipping works.

How Dropshipping Works (In a nutshell)

  1. You find a supplier with products you want to sell (AliExpress is common, but not always recommended)
  2. List those products on your chosen marketplace or platform
  3. When a product sells, the customer information is passed on to your supplier
  4. Your supplier sends the product directly to your customer on your behalf

In this scenario, obviously you are listing the product at a higher price than what it costs you. There are some issues with this model, however. Let's discuss them.

The Problem With Dropshipping Products

Dropshipping can absolutely work, but there are issues with how its been done in the past.

  1. Too many sellers use unreliable suppliers, like the ones found on AliExpress for example.
  2. Sellers don't buy samples of the products first the check quality or legitimacy
  3. Customers are unhappy, lodging chargebacks or requesting refunds
  4. The business model gets a bad name in the industry

Now I've made mentioned of AliExpress twice, but let me clear something up. There are plenty of legitimate suppliers on there, but the problem has always been that sellers do not check the quality by ordering samples first.

There's a lot of other pros and cons relating to dropshipping in general but I think you get the idea, so let's move on and discuss Amazon's dropshipping policies briefly, before we explore why Sellerrunning is a great solution that eliminates many issues.

Amazon's Dropshipping Policies

Amazon's policy on dropshipping products on their marketplace makes is pretty clear. 

If you want to dropship on Amazon without losing your account, it needs to be very clear that YOU are the seller of the package.

This means:

  • Packaging needs to have your details only, not those of any other sellers
  • Packing slips and invoices need to identify you as the seller
  • Any other information that the customer receives can only show your information as the seller

This doesn't mean you can't get a third party service to help with you dropship on Amazon, it simply means they need to be compliant with Amazon's policy.

To explain how SellerRunning helps, let's explore how they can help you dropship on Amazon.

How to Dropship on Amazon with Sellerrunning

Step 1 - Sign up and Install Chrome Extension

The first thing you need to do is sign up to SellerRunning and install the SellerRunning chrome extension.

You will need to connect your Amazon account with SellerRunning, which will require you to have a professional Amazon seller account.

Step 2 - Set Search Filters

Sellerrunning Search Filters

You may want to set some search filters before you source products on This is going to help you find products that meet your criteria.

Inside your account dashboard, you can set many filters including the following:

  • Price Range
  • Only FBA products
  • Trademark protected products (over 10million brands in database)
  • Out of stock products
  • Discounted products
  • Products that can't be sent to desired address (based on your selling location)
  • Same brand name and seller name
  • Products missing shipping information

Step 3 - Find and Upload Products

To add products to your Amazon store, you can either enter ASINs into SellerRunning or you can use the chrome extension to scan For this example we are going to explain the latter.

Head over to in your chrome browser and click on the SellerRunning chrome extension.

Your pre-defined search filters will be in place, but you can change these in the extension if you wish.

Sellerrunning Chrome Extension Steps

To start browsing for products, simply scroll to the bottom and click "Search and Upload".

You will be able to see how many products are found by the extension, and you can simply click "Done" to upload them into your SellerRunning dashboard.

Sellerrunning Pending Approval Products

Once the products are all inside of your dashboard, you can double check that they meet your criteria and upload them to your Amazon account.

Step 4 - Complete Your Orders

When you start receiving orders on Amazon, the fun starts and you need to fulfill orders. Inside of Sellerrunning dashboard you will see a list of your orders. All you need to do is click "order now"
and you will be redirected to the order page in Amazon.

SellerRunning Order Fulfillment

The relevant SellerRunning House delivery information will automatically be filled into the Amazon order page so all you need to do is process the order and you are done.

When your order reaches SellerRunning House, the staff will know who the product needs to be sent to based on the information contained in your unique order number.

Your orders will be repackaged and shipped to your customer in-line with Amazon's policies, so now you are legitimately dropshipping on Amazon without the risk of getting your account banned.

SellerRunning Features

You've probably got a decent idea of how the software works, but let's review the main features that make SellerRunning a fantastic option for those wanting to do Amazon to Amazon flips.

The Dashboard

The SellerRunning dashboard is very clean and intuitive, making it easy to see data such as sales, estimated profit, and inventory summary.

When you scroll down in the dashboard, you can see more granular data such as number of buy box products, out of stock products, and even specific order details.

Advanced Product Search Filters

One of the great features of the chrome extension is the search filters, which we have already covered in the step by step tutorial above.

SellerRunning Advanced Search

There are also a huge range of advanced search filters that you can choose from inside the dashboard to further define your ideal products.

Automatic Feedback Messaging and Reporting

Sellerrunning Automated Customer Messages

As an FBM seller, you need to deal with customers yourself. SellerRunning's automated messaging features allow you to automate much of this process.

Campaigns allow you to create email templates for the most common messages that you send to your customer. This allows you to save time and automate specific scenarios that occur often.

When you automate messages to customers, you can use filters for various scenarios such as late orders to help to reduce the risk of negative feedback.

You can also create automatic email templates to send out when errors arise, such as late shipments.

Trademark and IP Filters

Over 10million trademarks are gathered and your store is constantly scanned so you can avoid trademark strikes.

There is also a "common brand pool" and "common product pool" which is a collective database of known brands and products with trademark or IP alert issues.

Order Tracking

Sellerrunning Order Tracking

Because order fulfillment is handled by SellerRunning House, all orders will have automated shipping updates added to the SellerRunning dashboard. This eliminates the need for manual tracking.

Smart Pricing

Sellerrunning Smart Pricing

The Smart Pricing feature lets sellers set price ranges and stock numbers to maximize profit margins. One great part of this feature is that it allows you to set custom profit margin ranges based on the product price range.

SellerRunning House

SellerRunning has their own 3PL fulfillment, called SellerRunning (operated under their brand SellerShipping). SR House will receive your goods and ship them out to your customers in a way that is compliant with Amazon's dropshipping policies.

Using SR House has many advantages:

  • No need to manually track your orders (this is automated inside the software)
  • Products are inspected for quality (big dropship issue solved!)
  • Orders are repackaged and labeled to ensure Amazon policy compliance
  • Hands off experience for you as a seller

SellerRunning Pricing

SellerRunning has 6 subscription plans, which might seem like a lot, but they are designed to cater to all types of sellers from novice to advanced.

Sellerrunning Pricing

All features are included in every paid plan, but there are limits on the numbers of ASINs that can be tracked.

  • Lite Plan - $59 per month - 5,000 tracked ASINs
  • Standard Plan - $84 per month - 10,000 tracked ASINs
  • Business Plan - $130 per month - 25,000 tracked ASINs
  • Professional Plan - $214 per month - 50,000 tracked ASINs
  • Enterprise Plan - $429 per month - 50,000 tracked ASINs
  • High Level 1 Plan - $719 per month - 50,000 tracked ASINs

Frequently Asked Questions

What Marketplaces can I sell on with SellerRunning?

At the time of writing, you can sell on the following marketplaces:

Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, UAE, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium.

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Yes, dropshipping is a perfectly legal and legit business model. Even though it is often done poorly, it can definitely be done effectively with the right supplier arrangement and ethical business practices.

Can I dropship on Amazon?

Yes, you can dropship on Amazon if you do it correctly. SellerRunning specializes in helping sellers dropship across marketplaces and they are the only dropshipping software approved by Amazon.

Do I have to use SellerRunning House to fulfil orders?

Not necessarily, but it doesn't really make sense using SellerRunning and not using SR House to fulfil your orders. It is a full package deal that will help you run every aspect of your Amazon dropshipping business.


SellerRunning is a very exciting software tool that is sure to revolutionize the Amazon space.

While the dynamics of this selling method are slightly different to online arbitrage, dropshipping on Amazon with SellerRunning is a fantastic opportunity for both new sellers right through to advanced, experienced sellers. 

Thanks again for reading, please feel free to join my email list below, along with thousands of other Amazon sellers! (PS - emails go out on a Friday)

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