3 Tips to Help Your Amazon Business on Green Monday

By Christopher Grant

December 11, 2016

green monday

Green Monday is right around the corner, literally.

How can you take advantage of Green Monday to take your Amazon business up a notch?  Good question, thanks for asking.

Here are some tips on how to take advantage of Green Monday for yourself and your business.


Have you been pricing inventory high waiting for the competition to go out of stock?

It may be a good time to evaluate inventory levels and prices of your competition.  Green Monday can be a great day of moving your inventory if you choose to do so.

It isn’t completely necessary if you want to hold out just a bit longer.  There are still plenty of shopping days left before Christmas.  If your plan is to hold out for the highest prices of the season and wait for the last minute shoppers this would also be a good time to ensure your prices are not too low.

It can be a difficult balance but it is worth taking a little time to be sure your inventory is priced the way you want it to be.

Buying Inventory

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were killer days for purchasing inventory.  I know because not only did I buy some but I also made some massive shopping lists for people.  Hundreds of items were profitable to be flipped on Amazon.

There are reports that Green Monday is going to be very similar to Black Friday this year.

Online retailers want to be sure to compete against Amazon’s all year round low prices and move as much inventory of theirs as possible before the end of the year.

Green Monday would be a good day to be in front of a screen doing some online arbitrage.  You can even spend today looking through some Green Monday ads here.

If you need any help on becoming a ninja at online arbitrage please check out my in-depth tutorial about Tactical Arbitrage.

Check out OA Feed

This tip will be a bit self-serving, so forgive me.  However, I think it can be incredibly helpful.

If you keep an eye on the deals we post at OAFeed.com not only can you find some good products to flip on Amazon but you should be able to start down some rabbit trails.

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For example, if we post a Nerf gun that is profitable it would behoove you to start going down the trail of ancillary products.  Maybe Nerf darts are profitable, perhaps an off brand of dart shooting gun is good.

What other types of items would someone purchasing a toy gun buy?  Maybe an action figure, toy cars, or hot wheel tracks?

It’s a great service (in my humble opinion) that we offer a couple of free online arbitrage leads during the weekdays.  But where the real money is is those rabbit trails.  Looking for the “shoppers also viewed” areas on the website you are scouring can uncover some extremely profitable finds.

What are some tips you have for fellow Amazon sellers to take advantage of on Green Monday?

Leave a comment below, seriously, it’s like catnip for a blogger!

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