Amazon FBA Box Labels – Detailed Guide for Sellers in 2024

By Christopher Grant

February 14, 2024

It can be a little daunting trying to work out all the different labels you need for Amazon FBA, but once you learn about what each FBA box label means, you'll have a much clearer understanding of how the process works.

 The reason why getting your Amazon FBA box labels correct is so important, is because Amazon may reject or delay your items from hitting the shelves in their warhouse. This means they can't be fulfilled, which is a nightmare if you're itching to keep your cashflow consistent. 

Let's start by exploring the different types of labels you need for your Amazon FBA shipments.

Important Labels Required When Sending Products to Amazon FBA

While this list might make it seem like you need a lot of labels, they each serve a different but important purpose.

FBA Box ID Label

FBA Box ID Label

This is the label that goes on each box and it helps Amazon know what is inside. There are some very specific requirements for the FBA box ID label which I have covered further along in this article.

Shipping Carrier Label

This one is quite self explanatory, but in case you're not sure, it's the label for the shipping company you are using to send your product in to Amazon FBA (Fedex, USPS etc). This label needs to be on each box that you are shipping in to Amazon, but make sure it is not covering the FBA box ID label.

FNSku label


Example FNKSU label from Label Resizer

This is a simple barcode label, but it is highly important so Amazon can scan your products in. You get this from inside seller central when you print your labels. This sticker needs to be on every single unit that you sell.

To clarify, a product set is one unit so you only need one FNSKu label on the product set, not every single product in the set.

It is important that no other barcodes are showing, so Amazon doesn't accidentally scan the wrong one. I advise that you get some decent poly bags for your products that will block out barcodes, and your label goes on the outside.

Country of Origin Label

If the product is imported, made in China for example, you need to show the country of origin on the product somewhere. Most imported products will have this label already but make sure you double check.

Suffocation Warning Label

We've gone into the use of poly bags in greater detail in this guide to Amazon polybags, but you need to have suffocation warning labels on bags with an opening of 5 inches (12.5cm) or greater. Some poly bags come with this warning pre-printed which is quite useful, but if they don't, you need to print separate suffocation warning labels.

Team Lift Label

Team Lift Label

If your box weight is greater than 50lbs, you need to have a label indicating that the box requires a team lift. This needs to be placed on each side your box.

Mechanical Lift Label

Mechanical Lift Label

Similar to the team lift label, a mechanical lift label is required for boxes heavier than 100lbs.

Fragile Label

If the products you'e shipping are easily broken, a.k.a fragile, you should consider including a fragile warning label on your Amazon shipping boxes.

Amazon Label Requirements and Tips

Every single box in your shipment will require a unique FBA Box ID label. Amazon has strict requirements when it comes to box labels, so make sure you follow all the instructions below to ensure a smooth process.

FBA Box ID Label Size

Amazon requires these labels to be 3 1/3 x 4 inches (8.4cm x 10.2cm). Labels are also able to be printed on thermal labels of 4x6inches.

Don't Forget to Include All Labels

Both your Amazon FBABox ID Label AND the carrier label (USPS, FEDEX, etc) should be on your box, along with any other relevant label. Your box ID and carrier labels should be placed close to each other to help make the process more efficient for all parties involved.

Label Placement

When placing your labels on boxes, place them smooth and flat without covering over any seams or openings of the box. Avoid placing your labels closer than around one inch or so to the side of the box. This will allow easy scanning and will avoid the label being damaged when the box is transported and eventually opened.

Label All Boxes

It's important to remember that all boxes in your Amazon FBA shipment will need to be labeled. Any forgotten boxes might lead to your future shipments to Amazon FBA being blocked.

Pallet Labels

If you are sending in a pallet to Amazon, don't forget that you will need 4 labels. These labels should be placed in the top center of every side of the pallet.

Sending Multiple Case Packs

If you are shipping larger boxes of multiple case packs to Amazon FBA, you only need your FBA box ID Label on the larger box. individual case packs do not need to have FBA box ID labels.

Remove Printer Scaling

You can use a regular home laser printer, or you might like to invest in a thermal label printer. The tools inside of your seller central account, where you print labels from, are setup for thermal printers but laser printers are fine if thats all you have.

The Final Word on Amazon FBA Box Labels

Now that you've read this guide, do you have a better understanding of all the different types of FBA box labels you need in your Amazon business?

Of course you can outsource all of this by using a third party Amazon prep center service, but it all depends at what stage your Amazon FBA business is at. 

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