SellerAmp Review – A Great All-Round Sourcing Tool

By Christopher Grant

August 29, 2023

Seller Amp SAS is somewhat of a super tool, combining three Amazon seller tools in one. The main use for Seller Amp is to help Amazon sellers source products to sell on various Amazon marketplaces.

Let's explore the chrome extension, mobile app and the web app in more detail so you can decide if SellerAmp SAS is the right solution for you and your Amazon business.

What is Seller Amp?

Seller Amp SAS (Sourcing Analysis Simplified) is an Amazon research tool that offers fantastic features for sellers, whether they do retail or online arbitrage.

Selleramp users can quickly and easily access the following information about a product listing on Amazon:

There's a lot more to SellerAmp than the above mentioned features, which we will get into in more detail as we progress through this review.

The great thing about this tool is the fact that you can access all this data from a chrome extension, a web app and your mobile app, which includes a scanner.

Who is SellerAmp SAS for?

Firstly, SellerAmp can be used by retail arbitrage sellers because the mobile app has a barcode scanning function.

Unlike many other Amazon seller scanner apps, SellerAmp also works as an amazing tool for online arbitrage sellers too.

Online arbitrage sellers will enjoy the majority of the features inside of Seller Amp, especially considering the fact you can use it on desktop and mobile.

If you're a seasoned Amazon FBA seller you'll enjoy many of the features of SellerAmp SAS and if you're into wholesale or private label, you will definitely find a use for SellerAmp SAS in your business.

Ultimately though, it's up to you to decide if this software has a place in your Amazon business. Keep reading this review to find out how it works.

How SellerAmp SAS Works

As we've already covered, one of the great things about this tool is that you can use it on mobile, desktop and inside your Google Chrome browser.

Firstly, let's explore the web app.

When you search for an Amazon product inside the SellerAmp web app, you can search using keywords, UPC, ASIN or ISBN.

Selleramp SAS Web App

Once your search is complete, you'll instantly see a dashboard full of data panels. For the sake of this example, I entered $1.00 as the cost price into the profit calculator.

If the dashboard is too overwhelming and you only want to work with specific data, you can collapse the individual panels.

Seller Amp web app collapsed panels

Now let's take a look at the same product on the Amazon website, using the Selleramp Chrome extension.

Seller amp chrome extension

When you go to any Amazon listing, you'll see all the same data populate on the right hand side in the SellerAmp SAS chrome widget. To access more data all you need to do is scroll down and view the panels that you can see in the desktop web version.

Selleramp Mobile App View

As with the other versions of the tool, you can also collapse the panels in the mobile app. All three versions of this software work consistently well which is a real plus.

Now let's take a closer look at the individual features of Seller Amp SAS

Want a FREE SellerAmp Test-Drive?

You've got the info, now its time to get your 14-day free trial and see the tool in action!

SellerAmp SAS Features

As with any software tool review that we do here on Clear The Shelf, we will cover some of the best features but won't cover every single one. We need to leave a few surprises for you to discover when you user the app. 🙂

Pre-Defined Buying Criteria

This feature is similar to that of Scoutify 2, another great app specifically designed for scanning.

Buying Criteria and Additional Costs

Inside the settings area you can define buying criteria and additional costs that will trigger an alert when you scan or search products. If products you're reviewing meet the specific ROI and profit criteria that you have defined in your settings, you will see a green thumbs up.

This is a handy feature that takes a bit of the thinking out of your buying decisions, because you've already defined what type of products you want to source.

Retail Arbitrage Mobile Barcode Scanning

I personally don't do a lot of retail arbitrage scanning nowadays, I'm all about online arbitrage, but this is a great feature similar to the Scoutify 2 app.

Selleramp Mobile Barcode Scanning

Excuse the blurry screenshot, but I quickly snapped this as my app was scanning a book ISBN. You can see that it has already detected the ISBN even though only a small portion of the barcode is in the scanning area. The scanner is super fast and picks up barcodes easily, which is very handy if you're scanning on the fly.

Profit Calculator

The profit calculator across all versions of Seller amp is straight forward and easy to use.

Seller amp profit calculator

In this example I have set my cost price as $1.00, chosen FBA as the fulfillment type and toggled the "small & light" option to on. You can quickly see the estimated profit margin, breakeven sale price and the estimated Amazon payout figure.

If you anticipate the FBA storage duration to be longer you can adjust that with the slider and your profit figures will adjust accordingly.


If you're out and about scanning or researching on Amazon itself, it's handy to see any alerts and Amazon product restrictions associated with products you find.

Seller amp Alerts

If you're logged in to your seller central account then the first alert will be related to your own eligibility to sell the product you're reviewing.

Then you'll see if the product is considered hazmat or dangerous goods on Amazon, whether it's likely to be a private label product and whether or not the product has any known IP issues.

Being a co-owner of the software IP Alert, my opinion is that our software will be more accurate on products with potential IP claims but I can see how having it all built into a single tool is very handy. Excuse the biased opinion for a moment.

The alerts panel also shows you size data, meltable status and variation information.

Current Offers

The offers panel is laid out nicely and shows you instant data relating to the other offers for this product on Amazon.

Amazon Offers Selleramp

You can see the seller type, FBA/FBM/AMZ, the stock they have and their profit calculations.

This feature also helps with the Storefront Search which we will get to in a moment.

Ranks & Prices

Inside the ranks & prices panel you get a nice snapshot of the current Amazon best sellers rank (BSR) in addition to the buy box price, Amazon's selling price and other sales and rank related data.

Seller amp ranks and prices data

You can see that the BSR row shows a green thumb which means this matches the criteria set by the user inside the settings of Seller amp.

Integrated Keepa Graphs

We love Keepa data, as do most Amazon sellers.

Seller amp Keepa charts

One of the panels inside of Seller amp is dedicated to Keepa data so assuming you know how to read a Keepa chart, you will really appreciate having this info.

Storefront Search

On the list of offers in the offer panel, you can click on any one of them to open the storefront search inside of Seller Amp.

Seller amp storefront search

Here it will list some store details, the top brands for the store and the top categories. From there you can further explore and reverse engineer potential top selling products to go and source for yourself.

Seller Amp Integrations

Seller Amp doesn't have a huge amount of integrations, but it doesn't really need any integrations to function well as a sourcing tool.

Google Sheets

The Google Sheets integration is a great feature that allows you to push product data into a sheet which can be used as a buying list, or any other function you want, for your Amazon arbitrage business.

Seller Toolkit

Seller Toolkit is a UK-based business software for Amazon sellers to help manage inventory, profit & loss, repricing, and shipments. I personally like to use InventoryLab for these purposes.

Arbitrage Hero

Arbitrage Hero is not something that I have personally used much, but it is an online arbitrage sourcing tool similar to many other Amazon software tools on the market. I personally use Tactical Arbitrage because it is unmatched as a sourcing tool.

Seller Amp Alternatives

There's certainly no shortage of Amazon software tools, but that's only because the market is huge and there is an abundance of opportunities for sellers like you and I.

Let's take a quick look at some of the SellerAmp SAS alternatives out there:

Scoutify 2

Scoutify 2 is a fantastic mobile scanner app that comes free with an InventoryLab subscription. If you're a die-hard retail arbitrager, Scoutify 2 is great. But it doesn't have all the other features that Seller Amp does.

Read the Scoutify 2 review here
Read about the top Amazon seller scanner apps here


RevSeller is a fantastic research tool that is very similar to Seller Amp in many ways however, it is only a chrome extension. It doesn't currently have a web or mobile app, but it is also very affordable at just $99 per year.

Ready my full RevSeller review here

Tactical Arbitrage

It would be remiss of me to say that Tactical Arbitrage is an equivalent alternative to Seller Amp because realistically, Seller Amp doesn't have the online arbitrage sourcing power that Tactical Arbitrage brings to the table.

In terms of researching specific products and determining profitability, Selleramp does a fantastic job, but Tactical Arbitrage goes a step further and actually scans almost 1,000 online retail stores to find products for you to buy and flip on Amazon.

Read the Tactical Arbitrage review

Buying Online Arbitrage Leads Lists

While not exactly an alternative, perhaps more so something to use in conjunction with a decent research software tool like Keepa, but buying good quality online arbitrage sourcing lists can help you immensely. Something to consider as you scale up your Amazon business.

SellerAmp Pricing

The pricing for SellerAmp SAS is very straight forward as they only offer two different subscription plans:

Getting Started Plan - $19.95 per month

The Getting Started plan allows: 

  • 1 phone app install 
  • 2 chrome extension installs
  • 1,000 product lookups per month

Getting Serious Plan - $27.95 per month

The Getting Started plan allows:

  • 3 phone app install
  • 5 chrome extension installs
  • Unlimited lookups per month

Even though this plan is a little more expensive, it is perfect for those doing a little more volume.

SellerAmp SAS also offers a discount if you pay annually and they offer a free 14 day trial on both of their subscription plans.

SellerAmp Frequently Asked Questions

What Does SellerAmp Do?

SellerAmp SAS is a product research tool that helps Amazon sellers quickly determine if a product is currently selling on Amazon, and whether it is a profitable product for them to source and sell.

Does SellerAmp include Keepa?

Yes, Seller Amp includes Keep charts inside the dashboard. You should also still maintain your own Keepa subscription, and learn how to read Keepa charts, to fully maximize the tool for your Amazon business.

What is the difference between SellerAmp and Tactical Arbitrage?

Both tools provide great data on Amazon products to sell, but Tactical Arbitrage goes one massive step further and actually shows you where you source the product for the best possible price. With SellerAmp, you will need to do your own product sourcing once you use the software to find what you want to sell on Amazon.

Want a FREE SellerAmp Test-Drive?

You've got the info, now its time to get your 14-day free trial and see the tool in action!

The Final Word on Seller Amp SAS

Personally, I find SellerAmp SAS to be a very robust and reliable piece of software for Amazon sellers. Sure, there might be alternatives, but it is priced very well and it is packed full of features that make it easy to source on Amazon.

My advice to you is to try out their 14-day trial to see if it's worth it to you. I recommend SellerAmp often because it has some great features that can be incredibly profitable if you take the time to learn them and deploy them in your business.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to join my email list below to stay in the loop with all the latest on running an Amazon business.

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