Protecting Your Amazon Seller Account with SellerBasics Legal Services

By Christopher Grant

May 10, 2024

Account suspensions can bring a your Amazon business to its knees if not dealt with fast. While Amazon sellers are not immune to legal issues, the good news is that there are services available to help in times of need.

One of these services that helps Amazon sellers protect their business is called Sellerbasics.

From ASIN suspensions to Account suspensions, Sellerbasics is an Amazon seller lawyer with a unique service offering.

Let's explore who Sellerbasics are and how they can help Amazon sellers like you and I.

What is SellerBasics?


Sellerbasics is an Amazon Sellers Lawyer service, created by lawyer and Amazon seller Paul Rafelson in 2020.

Becoming a lawyer that provides legal services to Amazon sellers was never in Paul's sights. He was always a bit more of a "high flyer" in terms of the corporate clients he dealt with but as it turns out, that was all destined to change.

Paul initially started selling DVDs online in the early 2000's to help pay for his student debt. This meant lining up at the retail stores on Black Friday buying discounted box sets to flip on platforms like In the early 2000's, Amazon was mostly still all about selling books.

But when Amazon opened up to third party sellers and eventually introduced the Amazon FBA program, Paul's ecommerce business grew rapidly.

During this process, Paul realized a gap in the market when it came to legal services specifically for Amazon sellers.

Sure, you could go to any attorney or one of the few Amazon seller lawyers in existence, but you'd be paying thousands.

And hence, to cut a long story short, Sellerbasics was born.

SellerBasics Features

SellerBasics offers a range of standard legal services that most established Amazon sellers will need at some point in their Amazon business.

Services included in SellerBasic's membership plan include:

  • Amazon Account suspensions
  • Counterfeit claims
  • IP claim appeals
  • ASIN suspensions
  • Demand letters from brands
  • Strategy calls

If you have more complex legal issues with your Amazon seller account, you can tap into the network of attorneys and get discounted specialized services as part of your SellerBasics membership.

Members get unlimited use of the services provided by SellerBasics, but there is a limit to 5 open matters at any one time.

SellerBasics Pricing

SellerBasics Pricing

Sellerbasics will only cost you $99 per month, and an additional $70 per month if you have subsequent seller accounts that you want to be covered by Sellerbasics.

If you join Sellerbasics with a pre-existing copyright, trademark, or counterfeit claim that needs appealing, you will be charged an additional $149 per violation. If any of these issues arise after you join, Sellerbasics' services are included in your monthly fee and will not incur an additional fee.

What Legal Issues Are Not Included?

The cost of SellerBasics is extremely affordable, but that doesn't mean you have a full law firm service to use with no end. That just wouldn't make sense for any business.

Here's some of the legal services that are not included in Sellerbasics membership, but you are eligible to get a discount for:

  • Private label seller infringement allegations
  • Intellectual property matters relating to patents, trademarks, or copyrights  
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Private label seller pre-launch legal reviews
  • Trademark filings
  • Brand threat letter responses
  • Mergers and acquisitions and business sales or buy-ins
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration
  • Estate planning and business continuity planning
  • Tax related legal issues and services
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Business structuring or company formation services

Sellerbasics has a network of attorneys that are available to help you with more complex issues. Members get a discount on these types of services, so your $99 per month gets you a heap of value.

Why is Sellerbasics so Cheap?

This was my first thought, too. But after watching YouTube videos by the creator, Paul Rafelson, it's easy to understand why Sellerbasics is so well priced.

Think of the Sellerbasics legal services as a kind of insurance (it's not actual insurance though, to be clear). You might not need it every single month, but when you do it's there to help you out and provide the services you need for your Amazon account health.

Now if they have a large amount of members in the same boat, then it starts to make sense why they can offer such an affordable legal service for Amazon sellers.

Of course you could just save your $99 every month and pay a lawyer whenever you need them, but I can guarantee that you will probably be much more out of pocket doing it that way. A suitably qualified Amazon attorney is likely to cost you thousands for a single Amazon account suspension case.


We all hope to avoid legal issues in our lifetime but that is simply not realistic, especially for Amazon sellers. Needing help to get your Amazon account reinstated is quite common, as are many of the other legal issues that are covered by Sellerbasics.

If you are serious about your Amazon business, take a look at Sellerbasics and consider engaging their services when the time is right for you.

Head on over to SellerBasics to take a closer look at this great service.

Thanks again for reading!

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