Shopko Store Closing Locations & Interactive Map

By Christopher Grant

February 8, 2019

Shopko is one of the latest brick and mortar stores that ship is sinking.

So much so that they are closing over 250 locations this year.


Store closings can offer a few benefits for the Amazon seller.

First, you should, at some point, have the opportunity to purchase inventory at a hefty discount.  Beware though, as other sellers may have the exact same idea.

If you want to take this a step further you may even be able to talk the liquidator into allowing you to buy the entire store at a discount.

When Sports Authority went under I know this happened on a few occasions, at least.

Store Fixtures

Secondly, you may have the opportunity to buy the store fixtures at a discount.

This can be things like shelves, rolling carts, & shopping carts.

You may also be able to find things like air pillow machines, pallet jacks, and flexible conveyors for boxes.

Heck, I've heard stories of people even buying the cardboard balers from store that are closing.

You may want to go early if you plan to try and negotiate fo some of those larger items.  They seem to go quickly.


Here is what i have done to help.

I took all the stores closing and have placed them into a Google Sheet.

You can open the Google Sheet below (no email required) and you may save a copy to your own Google Drive or you may download a CSV, XLS, or PDF file for yourself.

This sheet includes the address as well as the estimated closing date.

The next thing i have done is input all of these address into a custom Google Map.

Next to each location (pinpointed with a blue pin) is the estimated closing date of that location as well.

You should be able to see it below and if you click on it it should open into a tab of it's own on your browser.

Hope this helps you folks who do retail arbitrage.

If you know of any other store closings like this please drop a comment below or feel free to shoot me an email.

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