Seller Snap: Does Premium Mean Better? [2024 Review]

By Christopher Grant

Updated December 14, 2023

Here we are again with another Amazon software tool review and more specifically, a detailed review of the Seller Snap Amazon repricer tool.

And yes, I already know what you’re saying. ANOTHER Amazon repricer tool, really?

Well it’s like anything in the software world. Where there is huge demand for a tool, there is constantly evolving competition. Just take the landing page builder market for example. ClickFunnels entered what was a relatively blue ocean back then and now there are more sales funnels platforms than you can poke a stick at.

Now according to Seller Snap themselves, they are “the most advanced AI Amazon repricer and business intelligence software on the market.” That’s a pretty big call if you ask me, but I am always open to trying new tools and using them in my Amazon business if they are worth it.

Seller Snap also claims to have a repricing algorithm that “thinks like an Amazon seller”.

Well I’ve personally put Seller Snap to the test and I’m about to lay out all the details for you in this Seller Snap review.

What is Seller Snap?

We’ve already established that Seller Snap is an Amazon repricing tool, which is a piece of software that can help you automatically adjust your product listing prices while you sleep. 

Seller Snap Dashboard

Of course when using a repricer tool it’s not just random repricing, you set your pricing strategy and then the software gets to work.

A lot of the power behind the numerous Amazon repricing tools on the market today lies in their algorithm and their repricing strategies. One area of note with Seller Snap is that they use something called ‘Game Theory’ tactics which aim to help sellers avoid price slashing and spend more time with the Buy Box.

Sounds great right? But what exactly does this mean?

Well let’s discuss Game Theory in more detail so we can get a better grasp on why it makes Seller Snap so great.

What is Game Theory?

A quick read of any of the top ranking articles for Game Theory will tell you that it’s a framework pioneered by economist Oskar Morgenstern and mathematician John von Neumann back in the 1940’s. 

Now you might recall Russell Crowe in a movie called A Beautiful Mind, which was about the life of mathematician John Nash. Nash was the eccentric genius that actually took game theory to the next level with his Nash Equilibrium.

John Nash Game Theory Russell Crowe

Without getting too deep on this, let’s look at how game theory is relevant to Amazon Repricer AI and why Seller Snap uses the tactics with its tool.

Seller Snap’s AI, based on game theory, works on what’s called a cooperative strategy. Using a cooperative strategy means whilst you might not have the Buy Box all the time, you will get your fair share and you won’t have to get into the aggressive, profit-slashing race to the bottom.

The example used in the bar scene from A Beautiful Mind is a great one. Let’s say there’s 4 ladies on the dance floor and you’re with 4 of your mates, but you all have your eye on one particular lady.

Now let’s call this lady the ‘Buy Box’ and discuss what’s going to happen if you all go for her at once. Well firstly, only one of you will get to dance with the Buy Box and then if the other three gents try to dance with the remaining three ladies, they’ll feel like second-choice and won’t be interested in anyone.

So on the flipside if everyone cooperates and dances with one lady each, they all have a great time and no one misses out.

So whilst this might not be the perfect explanation, it’s a Hollywood script that does help us lay people understand a very technical mathematical framework.

Before you say “but who cares if everyone else misses out, I just want to own the Buy Box all the time”, let me tell you something. The only way you can own the Buy Box all the time is if you get into a price war.

No one wants a price war, unless you like losing money.

How Does Seller Snap Work?

Now that we’ve covered some of the behind-the-scenes on the AI involved with Seller Snap, let’s take a look at the front-end workings of this Amazon repricing software.

There are three main parts to Seller Snap - the AI repricer, the pre-defined pricing strategies and the seller analytics tool.

The AI repricer is the engine that controls the repricing actions for your Amazon product listings.

The AI repricer automations within Seller Snap can react to varying competitor movements such as price slashing, the dreaded race to the bottom, or price matching where a competitor is attempting to share the Buy Box with you.

In the event where the AI repricer isn’t going to be suitable for you, there’s a range of repricing strategies built-in to the software.

Seller Snap Repricing Strategies

Seller Snap Repricing Strategies

Winning the Buy Box

From the moment you select “Win BuyBox” from the repricing strategy dropdown box, Seller Snap will start to take a more aggressive approach to repricing in an attempt to win the Buy Box. This strategy is best used in situations where you want to liquidate your inventory.

Compete With Seller Fulfilled Prime Sellers

If you’re familiar with Amazon’s regional Buy Box, which is dependent on buyer locations and fulfillment center stock levels, then you’ll understand the purpose that this pricing strategy serves. Use this strategy to win that regional Buy Box more often.

Follow a Related ASIN

This strategy will instruct Seller Snap to adjust your pricing based on the price movements of similar ASIN’s. A great one for bundles or private label products.

Time & Day Based Repricing

Within the Seller Snap dashboard you have the ability to define pricing strategies based on specific time of day or set days.

Volume Based Repricing

Seller Snap’s “Velocity Driven Repricing” is great when you want your repricing actions to be based on your desired sales volume.

Seller Snap Analytics

Seller Snap Analytics Dashboard

The Seller Snap analytics dashboard is easy on the eye and displays a load of useful information in a single glance, such as the following:

Sales Analytics

Get a quick snapshot of your current revenue, profit, volume and velocity including the percentage of variance.

Competitor Analysis

Handy info is displayed here such as the current Buy Box price, your personal Box Box share and further competitor breakdowns based on whether they are FBA, FBM or SFP.

Inventory Tracking

Keep an eye on your current stock levels and value.

Advanced Analytics

If you opt to become a premium Seller Snap user you can unlock a heap of other advanced data relating to replenishment, storage fee calculations, returns data and more.

Seller Snap Advanced Analytics

Seller Snap Pricing

You’ll probably notice that Seller Snap does not currently advertise their prices publicly. You can however start a free 15-day trial with Seller Snap  AND get 10% off every month for the first 3 months if you sign up by clicking here, and once you're logged in you can see the prices which I will explain below.

Seller Snap Pricing Plans

Now the reason that Seller Snap doesn't publicly advertise prices, I suspect, is because they are not “cheap” so they want people to use the software before making a judgment based on the pricing alone.

In my experience however, price is relative to the value you receive and you generally always get what you pay for.

Whilst the prices below might seem high, once you get setup on Seller Snap and you see how powerful it is.

Accelerator Program Subscription 

Price: $250 per month

Seller Snap’s Accelerator Program is an interesting concept, designed for small businesses that are still in the early growth phases of their Amazon business.

In order to qualify for the accelerator program you must have less than 1,000 active listings and sales revenue of under $25,000 for at least the past 3 months. Your product listings must also be products that have Buy Box competition.

Unlike other plans, the Accelerator is a 6-month commitment at which point you need to switch to a Standard or Premium subscription. If you are making less than $25,000 in total sales revenue per month at the end of your six months, Seller Snap may allow you to stay on this program.

Standard Subscription 

Price: $500 per month

The standard subscription allows you to have the following:

  • 1 Store
  • 3 Users
  • Up To 15,000 Listings

Standard users get the AI repricer tool and various analytics data inside their dashboard.

Premium Subscription 

Price: $800 per month

Premium users get a bit more bang for their buck with the following allowances:

  • 3 Stores
  • 10 Users
  • Up To 30,000 Listings

In addition to the Standard subscription inclusions, Premium users get advanced analytics data points including sales rank, inventory age, automated workflows and a dedicated account manager. 

Unlimited Subscription

If you’re an agency, or you run a large amount of Amazon stores, you can discuss pricing for the enterprise level Unlimited  Seller Snap subscription plan.

Seller Snap Marketplace Compatibility

Seller Snap Marketplaces

One great thing about Seller Snap is that you can use it on 18 marketplaces, unlike many other tools that are only available in the US. This opens up the software to almost any seller, no matter where you're located in the world.

Seller Snap Integrations

Seller Snap Integrations

Amazon sellers will be please to know that Seller Snap currently has the following integrations available:

Seller Snap Pros and Cons

There’s a huge amount of features that make this software great and only a few disadvantages that you need to know about. Let's take a look at the amazing features of Seller Snap first.

Seller Snap Pros

  • Accelerator Program: It's great to see a company provide extra assistance to small startup businesses. If you need an extra ‘leg-up’ with your Amazon business then the Seller Snap Accelerator Program might be a good choice for you.
  • Integrations: Seller Snap has some handy integrations for those already using other software in their Amazon business.
  • Game Theory: If you’ve used other repricers, you’ll know that they aren’t all built the same and Seller Snap’s game theory really performs to help you get your fair share of the Buy Box at the highest price.
  • Great Customer Service: The support and customer service from Seller Snap is fantastic so far. Many other online reviews also confirm this sentiment. 

Seller Snap Cons

  • Price: By far the biggest hurdle for sellers when looking at Seller Snap is the price. It doesn’t come cheap and whilst it’s worth it, you really need to be making some decent profit in your Amazon business to justify jumping in head first with this tool.
  • Learning Curve: This can be said for a few Amazon repricers, but there is quite a learning curve when it comes to getting the hang of Seller Snap. This is simply because it is such an advanced piece of software but even though there’s a lot to learn, the support team is really helpful.

Seller Snap Review - Is It The Best Option For You?

In weighing up all of the features of Seller Snap, I can personally say that it is an amazing tool for Amazon sellers and it will definitely help improve your bottom line. 

The number one negative I hear about Seller Snap is about the high price tag, but it's not without value thats for sure. It is definitely worth the money however I do understand that perhaps it's more suited to the advanced, higher volume Amazon sellers.

Those that have a lower budget will be more than happy with something like Aura Repricer which I have used for quite a while now.

So in summary, if Seller Snap is within your budget then I recommend taking the time to use it in your Amazon business. It is definitely one of the more sophisticated repricing tools on the market that won't let you down.


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