SourceMogul Review – The Ultimate Amazon Online Arbitrage Sourcing Tool?

By Christopher Grant

April 24, 2024

If there was a secret sauce to winning with Amazon online arbitrage, finding profitable products would be the main ingredient.

Sure, there's a lot of moving parts that make up a success Amazon business. But if you don't have the right products, sourced at the right price, then no amount of marketing or logistical prowess can save your business.

Let's take a look at how Source Mogul can help you source products for your online arbitrage business with ease.

How Source Mogul Works

SourceMogul is a website scanning software for Amazon online arbitrage sellers, designed to find products to source and sell on Amazon.

You can search a heap of retail websites, by Amazon category, or you can even upload a wholesale list to help you potential products that you can source and sell on Amazon.

Let's take a look at how the searches work on Source Mogul.

Step 1 - Click Start Search and Choose Your Desired Method

Source Mogul Retailers

From this dropdown menu you can choose category, retailer, wholesale, or reverse search. We will cover these options in more detail later but for now, we're going to choose retailer.

When you select search by retailer, a list of all the retail websites supported by the software will appear.

For this example we have just chosen Walmart, but you can choose multiple retailers.

Step 2 - Filter Your Search Results

Source Mogul Retailer Search

For this example I have decided to add the following filters:

  • ROI, a minimum of 14%
  • Profit, a minimum of $12
  • Sales Rank, a maximum of 100,000

You can see that this search and filter settings now shows me a list of products from Walmart that meet my criteria.

Step 3 - Inspect Product and Add to Wishlist

Before you run off and start ordering products online, you should double check the supplier website with the Amazon product listing to ensure the products match.

From there you can add them to your wish list inside of SourceMogul.

Step 4 - Look for Cashback Opportunities and Source

Once you've established that your wish list products are suitable products to sell on Amazon, you should look for cashback opportunities to further maximize your margins.

You may like to learn more about RevROI chrome extension to see how you can get cashback for your online arbitrage purchases.

Once you've complete all these steps, it's time to buy your inventory and get ready to send the products to Amazon.

Now let's take a closer look at the features of Source Mogul.

Source Mogul Features

Source Mogul Dashboard

Ultimately, Source Mogul is a product research tool designed to help you find profitable deals to sell on Amazon. It is very easy to use and the interface is clean and intuitive.

Let's explore the main features of SourceMogul.

Retailer Website Search

As you saw earlier on in this article, you can choose specific retailer websites to scan and quickly find profitable deals. This tool makes it easy to find inventory for your online arbitrage business.

Wholesale Search

If selling Amazon wholesale is your business, this feature will be right up your alley. Simply upload a spreadsheet from your wholesale supplier and Source Mogul will search Amazon and show you

Amazon Category Search

If you want to grow your Amazon FBA business in a certain category on Amazon, perhaps one you've recently been ungated in, you can use Source Mogul to scan categories and show you product search results from various retailers.

Reverse Search

Similar to the Amazon category search, the reverse search feature allows you to plug in a single Amazon product and find that product being sold on hundreds of retailer sites. This allows for super-fast due diligence, saving you from manually going to each retail website to find the product.

Source Mogul also has a free Google Chrome extension to help you scan retail websites, so let's go through a quick demo on how to use the AnySite Chrome extension.

Source Mogul AnySite Chrome Extension

Once you've installed the AnySite Chrome extension, there are two ways to use this tool.

Source Mogul Chrome Extension

You can either go to a "pre-mapped" site, which means the software has already mapped the price and other data fields, or you can add any other site with the "start tagging" tool.

For this example, I am going to choose pre mapped and select Ace Hardware from the list of 100's of retailers available.

The key here is to head to a category page or clearance page on the retailer website so the extension can scan the page for you.

SourceMogul Chrome Extension Site Scan

Once you're on a page with multiple products, you simply need to click the extension and start the scan.

Then you can easily see how many products have been scanned and with one click, you can import the data into Source Mogul.

Source Mogul Chrome Extension Product Details

Simply choose the search from your completed searches section of the dashboard and examine the data to find potential winning products to sell on Amazon.

Source Mogul Pricing

Source Mogul Pricing

Source Mogul pricing is very straight forward. If you opt to pay monthly, it is $97 USD per month. There is currently an offer to pay just $67 per month for the first 3 months.

If you prefer to save money and pay annually, SourceMogul will cost you $880 for one year.

No matter which plan you choose, you get all the features and unlimited searches.

Source Mogul currently has a 7-day free trial.

SourceMogul Pros and Cons

Let's explore some of the advantages and disadvantages that this software bring to the table for Amazon sellers.


  • Great interface and dashboard
  • Easy to use for newer Amazon sellers
  • Large number of retail stores to scan


  • Pricing is a little expensive and it lacks a cheap starter plan
  • Only scans Amazon US and UK marketplaces
  • Lacks the features of some competitors (like Tactical Arbitrage)

While it's an easy to use and well laid out software, it is slightly over priced in my opinion when you take into consideration the intricate features that it is lacking. If you've used something like Tactical Arbitrage, you'll know exactly what I mean. It still is a great tool and I'm sure many Amazon sellers enjoy the features that SourceMogul offers.

SourceMogul vs Tactical Arbitrage Software

I get asked this a lot. Which online arbitrage software is better? Well it's an easy choice for me to be totally honest.

While I think Source Mogul is great, nothing comes close to Tactical Arbitrage.

Here's my top four reasons why Tactical Arbitrage is my pick:

  • Tactical Arbitrage literally sources while you sleep with its Always be Scanning feature.
  • The features offered by Tactical Arbitrage are far greater. Source Mogul is a little more basic in comparison.
  • Tactical Arbitrage has cheaper, entry level subscription options.
  • Tactical Arbitrage integrates with many Amazon marketplaces, not just the US and UK.

But of course you don't have to take my word for it here. I've written a full Tactical Arbitrage review so you can decide for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SourceMogul do?

Source Mogul scans online retailers to find you profitable products to source and sell on Amazon. You can search by retailer, by Amazon category, by a wholesale CSV upload, or you can do a single ASIN reverse search. You can also use the AnySite Chrome extension to scan retail websites.

How much does Source Mogul cost?

SourceMogul is $97 per month, or $880 if you pay annually.

How long is the SourceMogul free trial?

At the time of writing, Source Mogul offers a 7 day free trial.

Is online arbitrage profitable?

Absolutely yes. Online arbitrage isn't exactly a new or trending business model. The arbitrage model has been around for centuries. The business model has simply evolved to suit the digital world that we live in. I know plenty of million dollar entrepreneurs who run Amazon online arbitrage businesses. I've even interviewed some of them on my YouTube channel.


If an Amazon online arbitrage seller then Source Mogul is a great tool that will help you source profitable products. But is it the best? Not quite.

Now this is not to say that it isn't great, I cant really fault the tool with it's current features. I just personally feel like Tactical Arbitrage is way more detailed in it's features, but it also has a very steep learning curve in comparison to something like SourceMogul.

So it's really going to be horses for courses here. If you run a smaller operation and like to keep things simple, then perhaps SourceMogul is the option for you.

But if you are committed to scaling your Amazon FBA online arbitrage business to new heights, Tactical Arbitrage is worth the investment.

I hope. you fond this article both informative and transparent. I always aim to give you the best possible knowledge and insights.

Thanks for reading! 

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