How To Use StoreFront Stalker Pro to Source Like a Lunatic

By Christopher Grant

September 8, 2016

Today I want to share with you several things about StoreFront Stalker Pro in all its wondrous glory.

First, let's talk about what StoreFront Stalker Pro does.  Honestly, the name has a creepy vibe to it but it has some sweet little features.  Second, I will show you multiple ways to use this Chrome Extension to actually source like a lunatic.  Gone are the days of using the excuse “I can't find anything profitable to sell”.

What does it do?

Like the name suggests StoreFront Stalker Pro was originally built to stalk other Amazon sellers stores.  It will pull their ASIN's and put them into a CSV file for you to then use in a third party program so you can find items from other marketplaces to sell at a profit.  Tactical Arbitrage and OAXRay are perfect examples of third party programs that will allow you to run these lists of ASINs.  I will show you how to do all of this below so, keep reading!

Now, it has gotten even better.  Not only will the extension pull items from other sellers but you can use it to pull ASIN's directly from the Amazon catalog itself.  Whether you want to find Amazon best seller items, movers and shakers, or you want to dive deep into any category or sub-category.  You can pull all the ASIN's you need and then find out where to source those items profitably.

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to touch briefly on how to use each feature and I am going to include a video so you can see exactly how to use StoreFront Stalker Pro.

StoreFront Stalking

This feature is the original premise of the extension.  I'm sure most everyone knows how to use this feature.  However, There are some enhancements that I will highlight as well as an idea to find more stores to stalk.  Take a peek at the video below to learn some more.

Amazon Best Sellers

Maybe your business model is the fast nickel.  I completely understand.  Get in, sell fast, and get out quickly with a little profit.  StoreFront Stalker Pro makes that easier than ever now.  You can check out the best-selling items on Amazon and then export the data to Tactical Arbitrage or OAXray.  Find out where to buy it so you can make a fast flip on the item profitable.  You'll be able to download up to 400 pages of items all at once in just a few minutes.  Check out below as I show you exactly how to do it.

Movers and Shakers

The next place you can keep an eye on with StoreFront Stalker Pro is the movers and shakers section.  I have a couple of reasons why I would personally check this section often.  In economics as market demand increases while inventory supply decreases you see prices trend upwards.  This can work in your favor as a seller because you can locate and re-sell inventory at a very fast and hopefully extremely profitable rate.

StoreFront Stalker Pro  Let's use a very recent example.  Gene Wilder, the legendary actor, recently passed away.  Over here on the left is his Funko Pop Vinyl Figurine from Willy Wonka.  It skyrocketed to the number 1 selling toy on Amazon almost instantly.  Following this Amazon sold out of this $8.95 product and other sellers who had inventory in stock came to the rescue selling their inventory at a higher price point.

So, What if you could find these items in your local markets, maybe a market that doesn't have a huge movie fan base or maybe your town is a place gene Wilder thought sucked.  You would be able to purchase that inventory and move it to a marketplace that has demand in need of being filled with your higher priced product.

Yes, This is what we Amazon sellers do every day but when certain events happen or funny videos go viral it is our job, nay, our responsibility to help fulfill the demand for the product the consumer is wanting.

Check out the video below and I will show you how to use StoreFront Stalker Pro to grab all the Movers and Shakers so you can profit!

Stalk Entire Categories and More

One of the best features of this new release, in my humble opinion, is the fact that you can download ASIN information from entire categories.  So, if you would like to grab all the ASINs from the Toy category to reverse search you can do that.  You will need to drill down to a subcategory like action figures because of the size of the entire toy catalog.  But, category by category you can grab all the information you need to go out and find items to flip.

The other powerful way to use StoreFront Stalker Pro is to find all of the ASIN information on something you want to sell.  For example, I want all the ASINs from a search I did for “broccoli”.  Here is what gets pulled up.

StoreFront Stalker pro

It is hard to see, but there are over 27,000 results for the search term “broccoli”.  Now I can go and download all the ASIN information, open up Tactical Arbitrage or OAXray and be on my way to finding profitable items to sell.

In this last video tutorial, I will show you exactly how to do what I have described.  If you have questions or something isn't as clear as it should make sure to let me know.

Final Thoughts and a Disclaimer

First, a little disclaimer about StoreFront Stalker Pro.  The guy behind the program is not only a stand-up dude, a fellow Buckeye, but he is also lucky enough to call me his friend.  Now, this doesn't make me a shill for Nate McCallister (you can learn more about him at his blog).  In fact, I'd be the first to tell him if his product was a piece of hot garbage but, it isn't.  It is a powerful tool that, if used properly, can make you a lot of money.  As a plus, you can even use this tool to make money while you are binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

My suggestion is to add this to your sourcing tool belt.  Utilize it to its full potential and make a killing this Q4.  I know Nate stand behind his product with a money back guarantee and if he won't for some crazy reason (he will, by the way) I will refund you if you absolutely can not find any products worth flipping.

Finally, thanks for reading this far.  If you have any questions please leave me a comment.  I honestly will read every one of them and I will respond if you need any help.

Tactical Arbitrage Best Sellers Integration

So, I had to update this post because StoreFront Stalker Pro just got even better.  Tactical Arbitrage integrated it right into the platform so you can search best sellers on Amazon for profit.

It is super simple to use, you just need your StoreFront Stalker Pro key.  If you don't have this saved in your email you can reach out to Nate McCallister and he will get them for you.

I have also put a simple video together for you.

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat


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  1. Thank you so much for doing these videos on Storefront Stalker Pro. I had purchased the original Storefront Stalker but did not have TA or OAX so once I realized I didn’t have the software to pair Stalker with, I asked for a refund and Nate, of course, refunded me. Fast forward…I recently purchased TA and am still a beginner trying to figure out how to use it and just watched a webinar about the release of Stalker Pro and knew I had to take advantage of these tools together so I purchased Pro. Now my issue is…how/what do I do??? So, thank you for the videos, I will try to implement what you’ve shown in the videos and see if I can replicate it. Looking forward to your TA videos. Again…thank you so much!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I tried going to and it came back with “sorry could not find this page” ??
    Is there another way to get to the best sellers ?


  3. Hi, thank you for your videos. Very helpful. I joined TA and started searching to find profitable products. OA newby. I’m analyzing with keepa and watched youtube videos how to choose OA products with pretty keepa graphs. But I find products with very different keepa graphs from these videos, no sales rank line, even when sales rank is under 50 000, or sales rank line is there, but suddenly stops few months back. Do you have videos about keepa graphs and how to make a choice using it? I can see you share very good info, so I would value your input highly.
    You also mentioned in your last video, that one product have more than 80000 sales rank and you will buy only few of these. We are just starting out and find it hard to decide what is a good product, do you have suggestions, what the maximum sales rank should be for good OA products.
    Thank you so much. Will join storefront stalker today.

  4. Hey Chris, I’ve watched a lot of teachers in my years and I just want to say, you’re an excellent teacher. Very clear precise wording and very streamlined. Thank You!

  5. Bought Storefront Stalker Pro on Wednesday and couldn’t wait until our class next week to get started! These videos are short and sweet and just what I needed to get started. Now I’ll be able to run product and reverse search at the same time. Library Search is next on my list. Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you Chris! Nate owes you quite a lot for these videos, the instructions and directions provided by Gumroad for SFS are ridiculously sparse. I feel like Nancy Drew learning how to install and utilize the software, but your videos helped a ton! Thanks 🙂

  7. Hey chris, i read this post and it looks very useful, but i am a bit confusing , do i only need to buy storfront stalker pro in order to get both tactical arbitrage and storefron integrated together, or should i subscribe in both programs (tactical and storefront pro), and if i have to do both, TA has closed the registration on their website , so please advise how can i do it…

    1. It will allow you to stalk storefronts in Canada that may sell products in a similar niche or are a size you want to be. It will also allow you to pull ASINs from searches, categories, and more so you can run it through Tactical Arbitrage or your sourcing software of choice.

      Finally, if you do have TA it will unlock some pretty cool features inside of it.

  8. Always love your videos but crazy question I’ve not seen in any I’ve watched. Where in the search results of a Reverse Search is the link to the product on the source site? I see the link to the product on Amazon but am having to manually navigate to each site e.g. and then search for the product. It makes Reverse Searches almost too cumbersome and I’m wondering if I wasted the money on Storefront Stalker.

  9. When i go to a storefront the most if can download is 150 pages, which I forget but is something like just 2500 asins. Is there any way to grab more pages?

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