StoreFront Stalker Pro – How to Stalk and Source for Your Amazon Business

By Christopher Grant

February 2, 2024

Today I want to share with you several things about StoreFront Stalker Pro in all its wondrous glory. What's even more exciting is that this software has now been updated for 2024 and is ready to rock.

First, we're going to explore what StoreFront Stalker Pro does.  Honestly, the name has a creepy vibe to it but it has some sweet little features that will help Amazon sellers research winning products to sell.  

Second, I will show you multiple ways to use this software to actually source like a lunatic. Gone are the days of using the excuse “I can't find anything profitable to sell”!

What Does the Storefront Stalker Pro Software Do?

Like the name suggests StoreFront Stalker Pro was originally built to stalk other Amazon sellers stores.

This software was originally built as a Google Chrome extension, but it has since been updated to a fully fledged web-based software.

In it's first form, Storefront Stalker Pro would pull Amazon store ASIN's and put them into a CSV file for you to then use in a third party program like Tactical Arbitrage or OAXRay.

Using such a list in a software like Tactical Arbitrage will help you source the best deal so you can sell the same products on Amazon. 

Now that Storefront Stalker Pro is a web-based software, it has gotten even better. When you add storefronts to your account, the new ASINs will be populated on your dashboard and you'll even get an email alert when new ASINs are discovered.

Let's explore how Amazon sellers can use Storefront Stalker Pro.

How to Use Storefront Stalker Pro

First and foremost, this software is actively in development and new features are always rolling out. A couple of months back I did this call with Saul from @SaulSellsStuff and we did a deep dive into Storefront Stalker Pro. Take a look at it, there's some real gems in there.

The first thing you need to do is go and claim your Storefront Stalker Pro free trial.

Once your account is set up and you login to your dashboard, the first thing you want to do is add a storefront so you can start stalking!

You do this by going to the storefronts tab, and tapping the "add storefront" button and entering the storefront ID. Soon you'll also be able to add the storefront URL.

Storefront Stalker Pro Storefronts

Once you have added a storefront, the software gets to work and starts scanning every 4 hours.

Sorefront Stalker ASIN Pro Dashboard

When new ASINs are detected, they will be added to your dashboard. You will also get an email alert.

ASINs in your dashboard will also list the following data:

  • ASIN
  • Product Image
  • Brand
  • Monthly Sold Volume
  • Sales Rank
  • Total Offers
  • Buy Box Price
  • Buy Box Type
  • 90 Day Amazon Out of Stock Percentage
  • 30 Day Amazon Out of Stock Percentage
  • UPC

On the ASIN listing, the icons in the first column are shortcuts to the following:

Storefront Stalker Pro Dashboard Icons
  • The product listing on Amazon
  • Google Shopping listings (you can see where you could go and buy the product)
  • Google Lens (image matching)
  • See product data on Keepa
  • Open product in Selleramp

Storefront Stalker Pro Pricing

The pricing Storefront Stalker Pro is pretty straight forward, and discounts apply for annual plans. We currently offer a free trial, click here to claim yours.

Storefront Stalker Pro Pricing
  • Basic - $60 per month
  • Professional - $90 per month
  • Elite - $140 per month

As previously mentioned, you can get a 20% discount on the above mentioned prices if you pay annually.

The main difference between the plans are the amount of stores you can stalk. The Basic plans allows you to stalk up to 10 stores, the Professional plans allows up to 20, and Elite allows up to 40.

Future Updates for Storefront Stalker Pro

Currently, we have an active Discord community where we provide updates and chat about ways to use Storefront Stalker Pro with our members.

Storefront Stalker Pro Discord Community

We have channels for announcements, development roadmap, general support and more.

Once you have claimed your Storefront Stalker Pro free trial, we'd love to see you in the community.

Stay tuned for updates on this page!

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