Ultimate Guide to Amazon SEO Tools – The Top Picks Reviewed

By Christopher Grant

May 29, 2024

I don't talk a lot about Amazon SEO, but it really is quite important for Amazon sellers.

In this article we're going to dish out the details on a few handpicked Amazon SEO tools. There's more available, but seriously they all start looking the same after a while! The ones you find below are, in my humble opinion, the best options.

Before we discuss the tools you can use to better optimize product listings for Amazon SEO, let's explore a little bit more about what Amazon SEO is and how it works.

What is Amazon SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but it's a term you will most often hear when people are talking about getting organic traffic from Google or other search engines.

Traditional SEO typically involves thousands of ranking factors, but not all of them are known to users. Google keeps a close wrap on them. Generally speaking, a solid SEO strategy starts with researching the right keywords to "rank" for in the search engines, and then optimizing your website and its content to make sure you show up when people are searching. SEO does go a lot deeper and gets more technical, though.

Thankfully, the Amazon SEO game is a little more straight forward. Amazon SEO refers to the process of optimizing product listings on Amazon to improve their visibility and ranking in Amazon's search results.

The whole point of Amazon SEO is to increase the visibility of your products and ultimately drive more sales. Bascially when users search for something on Amazon, you want your products to show up first!

Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on optimizing content for search engines, Amazon SEO specifically targets Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

While we don't need to go too deep on the A9 algorithm, it is important to learn a little more about the factors that will improve your Amazon SEO.

How to Improve Your Amazon SEO

Ultimately, we want to make sure your product listings show up on the first page of Amazon when a customer searches. Stats have shown that customers rarely go past the first page, much like a Google search.

The following factors contribute to the success of your Amazon SEO efforts:

Keyword Research

Find the relevant keywords that your customers are searching for on Amazon.

Product Title Optimization

Use relevant keywords in your product titles. Seems obvious, but it's a powerful strategy when done correctly.

Product Descriptions

Creating descriptions and bullet points that are both descriptive and make use of relevant keywords will help you show up in the search results on Amazon.

Backend Keywords

In the backend of Amazon you can enter keywords for your listing, make sure you do this!

Customer Reviews and Ratings

There's a whole other strategy around getting better reviews and ratings on Amazon, but they do have an impact on where your products show up in the Amazon search results.


You should optimize your pricing to be competitive, without trying to race to the bottom. A repricer tool can help with this.

Sales Velocity

Having a high sales velocity can help your products rank higher. A high sales velocity can be achieved through promotions, deals, and even Amazon PPC ads.

Inventory Management

Making sure your inventory levels are healthy is important to avoid suppressed listings and lack of sales momentum, which are both factors that affect your Amazon SEO.

While it's not possible to find out precisely what factors Amazon's A9 algorithm takes into account, the above mentioned factors are all touted by Amazon themselves as being important for SEO on the platform.

The Best Amazon SEO Tools

Now you've got a good idea of how Amazon SEO works, let's explore the software tools that can help your products rank in the Amazon search pages.


Helium10 Keyword Tool

Helium10 is more than just an Amazon SEO tool, it's an entire suite of tools, but it has a great feature called Cerebro which is designed to help you optimize your listings for Amazon SEO.

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool, which means you can analyze your competitor's product listings and ensure that your own listings are optimized accordingly.

Helium10 Pricing

Helium10 starts at $39 per month and increases to $99 per month for Platinum and $279 per month for Diamond. If you pay annually you will get a discount on these rates.

Users can do a limited amount of keyword research with Helium10 for free, which is handy for those on a tight budget. For a freemium tool, Helium10 is quite good.


Smartscout Keyword Detective

SmartScout is another "all-in-one" style tool with a suite of features, but it has some very powerful keyword research and SEO tools to help optimize your listings.

Firstly, SmartScout's Keyword Detective tool allows you to enter a brand or your product and it will show competitors along with opportunities to improve your product listings.

The Keyword Relevancy Grid shows search terms arrange in a quadrant format, arranging search terms based on volume and relevancy. This feature helps you pinpoint the most lucrative keyword to target.

SmartScout's AI Listing Architect is also very useful in creating keyword optimized listings in just a matter of clicks. Definitely worth checking out.

SmartScout Pricing

SmartScout's Basic plan starts at $49 per month, and increases to $89 per month for the Essentials and $197 per month for Business plans. Prices are discounted if you pay annually.


JungleScout Keyword Research

Jungle Scout is one of the original players in the Amazon software space. They are heavily geared towards private label sellers, but they also have some great Amazon SEO tools.

Their Rank Tracker helps you track keyword performance over time in a graph format, while the Keyword Scout feature helps you uncover high ranking keywords.

JungleScout Pricing

JungleScout's Basic plan starts at $49 per month, and goes up to $69 per month for the Suite, and $129 for the Professional plan. As with most software tools, user can enjoy a discount if they opt to pay annually.


SellerApp Keyword Research

SellerApp is a fantastic tool for Amazon sellers with a huge amount of features for all types of sellers. We've previously spoken about the Amazon FBA calculator tool inside of SellerApp, which is really great, but they also have some useful Amazon SEO features.

SellerApp boasts a database of over 200million keywords, and they allow you to do a reverse ASIN lookup to keep a close eye on your competitors. Their keyword tracking feature is also useful to track relevant keywords over time.

SellerApp Pricing

While SellerApp has a free plan, they keyword research tools require a paid plan. Pricing for SellerApp depends on how many ASINs you are looking to optimize, how much you spend on Amazon PPC ads, and how much your totally monthly revenue is. A little confusing, I know.

Pricing starts at $99 per month and includes a 7 day free trial.


MerchantWords Keyword Research

MerchantWords is quite an impressive software tool that is geared towards purely Amazon SEO, unlike many of the other all-in-one style tools that we've covered in this article.

Some of the features MerchantWords offers for Amazon SEO are as follows:

  • Digital Shelf - understand where your products currently rank.
  • Keyword Multiplier - Discover new and complementary keyword ideas.
  • Classic Search - Search from a huge database of search terms used on Amazon.
  • Page 1 Products - Get an overview of the top ranking products for any keywords.

As this is a tool dedicated solely to Amazon SEO keywords, you can imagine that it is a very comprehensive solution.

MerchantWords Pricing

The standard pricing for MerchantWords is based on searches.

  • Silver - $35 for 500 searches per month
  • Gold - $79 for 1,000 searches per month
  • Platinum - $149 for unlimited searches per month

Users can get a discount for paying annually, and other features are available on even higher priced plans.

Which is the Best SEO Tool for Amazon?

This is a tough question to answer to be honest. My first answer would be, whichever one in the above list that you are already using! Most sellers are using some sort of tool and quite often, they have SEO features.

Let's break down a few of the different use cases before we wrap this article up.

Best Free Amazon Keyword Tool

My vote for this goes to Helium10. The tool is easy to use and is great for a free option. It's actually what we would call a freemium though, which means your usage and features are limited on the free plan.

Best All-in-One Tool With Amazon SEO Features

SmartScout, hands down. This tool has some many great features, which you can learn about in my SmartScout review. The added SEO features are a bonus, and they are really good.

Best Dedicated Amazon SEO Tool

The award for this one goes to MerchantWords, if you hadn't already guessed. It really is a great tool, but you also need to be pretty serious about your Amazon SEO if you want to invest in a standalone tool for this.

My opinion is that SmartScout does just as good a job, and has a lot of other features that you should be using for your business, but you certainly can't go wrong if you have the budget to add-on a tool like MerchantWords.

And that's a wrap. Thanks for reading this Amazon SEO Tool review, I hope it has provided you with some good insights into the software available to you.

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