Free Amazon Tools – The Ultimate Software Guide for Users on a Budget

By Christopher Grant

September 14, 2023

Everyone starts somewhere and we don't all have an unlimited budget to spend on Amazon software tools. This is why it's important for sellers to take advantage of free Amazon tools where possible.

Of course you're not always going to get a powerful or comprehensive tool without having to pay something, but you certainly can dip your toe in the water and use free tools to your advantage.

In this article I cover the top free Amazon tools, I have kept it simple by dividing them up into two categories; free product research tools and free keyword research tools.

Let's get into it!

Free Amazon Product Research Tools


By far the greatest Amazon software tool you can use in your business, Keepa offers a free plan with limited data. I highly recommend forking out the twenty bucks per month for this tool.

Keepa Chrome Extension

Not only can you see detailed historical trends right inside the Amazon product detail page with the Keepa chrome extension, you can take your product research further by exploring all the Keepa web app data. Some of the most valuable features, however, are only available in the low cost paid version of Keepa.

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I've written a CamelCamelCamel review, and if you are on a serious budget then this tool might be an option for you. This tool is similar to Keepa, but it really doesn't compare in terms of the depth of data you can access.

 The data is extremely limited with CamelCamelCamel, so you'd be much better off trying to allocate a small amount of funds to a Keepa subscription if you are truly serious about your Amazon business.

Amazon FBA Calculator

The official Amazon FBA calculator inside Seller Central is not a bad little tool. You can enter an ASIN, product keyword, ISBN, SKU, EAN or UPC to find any product currently selling on Amazon.

Amazon FBa Calculator

You can then tweak the numbers based on whether you're doing FBA or FBM, and evaluate the outcome.


AMZBase is a decent little chrome extension tool that can help save you a bit of time in your product research.


It's not groundbreaking, but you can navigate to any product on Amazon and then use AMZBase to search for that product on other platforms and softwares like CamelCamelCamel, eBay, AliExpress, AliBaba, and Google.

DS Amazon Quick View

This tool is quite handy really. DS Amazon Quick View is a chrome extension that works solely on the Amazon USA marketplace. When you search for a product, the DS Amazon Quick View box popups up as you mouse-over the product listing images.

DS Amazon Quickview Popup

At a quick glance you can see product data, the product ASIN, best sellers rank, customer reviews, and more.

DS Amazon Quick View Data

A small box is also embedded at the bottom of each product listing search result, with the current sales rank, ASIN, and number of FBA sellers. If you want to use the price history and Keepa history features, you'll need to the premium plan which will only set you back $25 for a lifetime license.

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Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Every private label seller needs a good Amazon keyword research tool, and there's some bigtime software companies vying for business in this space. But not everyone has the budget right out of the gate so here's some of the free tools that are worth looking at.

Sonar by Perpetua

At the time of writing, Sonar displayed a message saying that their keyword research tool was a legacy tool and was being phased out. Sonar was previously part of a software called Sellics, which was rolled into Perpetua so they're going through a lot of updates.

Sonar Keyword Research Tool

Never the less, this free keyword tool still provides a bit of value and perhaps they'll beef it up a little more in the future.

Keyword Tool

A keyword research tool named Keyword Tool, who woulda thought? 

Keyword Tool Amazon

This isn't an exclusively Amazon related tool, it works with a lot of platforms and generates keyword research results based on autocomplete searches.

Autocomplete suggestions can be useful for arbitrage sellers as well. Using Amazon autocomplete you can come up with ideas for rabbit trails or niches to source.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the better known Amazon tools for private label sellers. As part of their suite of tools, they offer a limited free keyword research tool.

Helium10 Keyword Tool

Free users can see 10 search results for keywords in addition to keyword frequency data. Even though 10 search results may seem like a small amount of data, some of the long tail keywords it returns in the free keyword search may come in handy.


SellerApp is similar to Helium 10 in that it offers various tools for Amazon sellers, including a keyword research tool. Their free tool also provides 10 search results, and promises to give more information if you create a free account however, the dashboard was so buggy that I couldn't test it properly.

SellerApp Keyword Tool

I did send a support ticket about this issue, but at the moment its a hard pass for me. Helium 10 seems to be the better option currently.

The Truth About Free Amazon Tools

You don't need to be a genius to work out that the vast majority of free software tools are not in fact "free". They will almost always offer what's called a "freemium" option which means you get very limited features on a free plan when compared to the paid subscription options.

This is fair though, right? We're all running a business here so we need to make a dime to keep food on the table.

But can you grow a business using only free software tools? Of course! But there will be a limit to how much you can grow. You absolutely need to invest in some premium, paid tools for your Amazon business at some point.

Before we wrap this article up, let's cover some of the must-have Amazon software tools that offer a free trial.

Paid Tools with Free Trials

I've written a previous article about my top Amazon software recommendations, and I kept it relatively straight-forward rather than listing every single software tool on the market.

I'm doing the same here, and listing my top 3 paid tools that offer free trials.

Why? Well, overwhelm is a thing. And you don't need dozens of software subscriptions. Just a few will do!

Tactical Arbitrage

This tool is an absolute weapon when it comes to product sourcing for your Amazon online arbitrage business. Nothing even comes close to it.

Regular users can get themselves a 7-day free trial of Tactical Arbitrage, but my loyal Clear The Shelf readers are lucky enough to score an extended 10-day trial and an added bonus discount.

Read about my exclusive Tactical Arbitrage discount code.

Check out the Tactical Arbitrage review.

Aura Repricer

Any thriving Amazon FBA business needs a solid repricer tool in their arsenal, and the top recommendation I give to all of my contacts is Aura.

Aura works on repricing your listings to better position you for your fair share of the Amazon buy box, resulting in more sales and profit for your hip pocket.

Read my Aura Repricer review.

Take a look at my exclusive Aura Repricer promo code for CTS readers.

Inventory Lab

InventoryLab is a real powerhouse when it comes to managing your Amazon inventory. It also includes Scoutify 2, which is a brilliant seller scanner app for those doing Amazon retail arbitrage.

Read my Scoutify 2 review

Check out InventoryLab.

If you want to see ALL of my favorite tools for Amazon sellers, go ahead and check out my top Amazon seller software article.

Conclusion - Free Amazon Tools

It's no secret that you might find it challenging to run your Amazon business at scale using only free tools, but they can most definitely help fledgling sellers get a start. 

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Thanks for reading!

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